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Our goal is to be the best vendor you’ve ever worked with. We’ve built Engage with Bankers, a forum that fosters the exchange of ideas, resources and networking for mid-tier financial institutions, as another resource for our customers. 


Community of Bankers

Engage with Bankers is an educational community that provides its members the opportunity to network with other industry thought leaders, share insights and best practices, as well as participate in “show-and-tell” product demonstrations. As any SaaS user knows, there’s the value that a solution provides in your day-to-day usage. But it’s the providers who go the extra mile to extend that value well beyond the day-to-day interactions with our solutions. In addition to our comprehensive solution set, Engageware is committed to elevating value for your organization by sharing the knowledge of our staff, our partners, and most importantly — other customers using our solutions. The Engage with Bankers community provides a forum to connect all three and provide a resource where our customers can consistently share, learn, and grow.

A Sampling of Engage with
Bankers Sessions

Our customers have access to all of the great Engage with Bankers sessions, but below are a few examples of the types of Engage with Bankers sessions.

Customer Show and Tell

NATCO Credit Union shares their top 5 tips for implementing appointment scheduling

Karen Houser, Director of Marketing, and Kimberly Davis, Branch Manager, from NATCO Credit Union share the top 5 lessons they learned from their appointment scheduling implementation process.

Customer Show and Tell

How OnPoint Community Credit Union set-up and continues to optimize their employee knowledge base

OnPoint Community Credit Union’s Aimee Ten Eyck-Schaffer, Organization Procedure Consultant, shares how OnPoint utilizes Engageware’s Knowledge Management solution. She speaks how they set up their content, what they have learned since implementation, and how they maintain their content.


How Affinity Plus takes advantage of POPi/o’s digital customer engagement platform

Learn how POPi/o’s digital customer engagement platform is helping financial institutions, like Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, engage members and enhance brand loyalty through reliable and user-friendly digital tools.

Thought Leadership

Why are Banking Customers Switching?

Have you increased or decreased customer loyalty due to your institutions’ recent behavior and performance throughout the pandemic? Your customers told us.

Thought Leadership

Aligning customers banking needs to the new branch strategy

Banks are retooling their branch network with the introduction of micro-branches and advice centric formats in response to a shift to where customers complete their financial transactions. However, with this shift and new formats, is the banking industry rethinking how these factors will impact their branch design and customer journey?

Tips and Best Practices

Maximizing the Value of your Engageware Tools

Learn how customers can create a tiered approach to ensure that their Engageware solutions are positioned to drive the best business outcomes possible.