Increase knowledge. Increase engagement.


Enable your teams to give rapid answers and accurate information about policies, procedure, and general inquiries.


Centralized knowledge ensures you keep consistent across teams, branches, and departments.


Deploy your knowledge base quickly, and reduce employee training time and customer wait time.

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Your employees’ new best friend

Help your teams succeed with EVA – a fully automated virtual assistant who has the intelligence to understand what your employees are asking, backed by a custom knowledge base to give the right answers.

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Successful searches. Every time.

With Engageware, your employees can increase customer satisfaction with immediate, accurate answers about your policies, procedures, or product information.

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Knowledge simplified

With step-by-step guides, Engageware ensures that the answers to customer questions are not only easy to find, but easy to understand too.

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Engageware works where you do

Your knowledge base embeds easily into the tools and apps your teams already use – whether they’re in-person or remote. Enable your employees to access information from anywhere, including desktop apps, Microsoft 365, intranets, and call centers.

Improve efficiency and outcomes

Engageware gives you robust management tools for single sign-ons, detailed analytics and reporting, streamlined workflows, and instant notifications.

  • Deploy quickly with a team that loads, structures, and optimizes your knowledge
  • Ease of implementation ensures rapid customer engagement results
  • Ongoing data and insights to optimize your knowledge base

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Engageware’s Employee Knowledge Management it has been a game-changer. It has empowered our employees, and given them the confidence that they need to provide the experience our member’s expect.

Stephanie Bailey, Training Coordinator at Marine Federal Credit Union