Banks and credit unions deal with a vast amount of information including financial regulations, product information, and policies and procedures. Proper knowledge management enables financial institutions to organize and share their knowledge effectively, improving efficiency, ensuring compliance, and creating a better customer and employee experience.

Knowledge Management that drives efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction

Engageware’s knowledge management solutions, built specifically for banks and credit unions, enable you to connect users
with the right information, whenever, and wherever they need it. Combining knowledge management with powerful conversational AI improves access to content, the ability to provide quick and effective responses, and helps employees with ongoing training.

Knowledge Management solutions to fit every need

Knowledge Management

Make information easy for your employees to find and follow by creating a single source of truth that your employees enjoy using.

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Surround your customers with access to information, making it easy for customers to answer their support, product, and technology questions 24/7.

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Features Built For Banking

Banking Specific Search icon

Banking-Specific Search

Ensure your users can easily find the answer they are looking for quickly with our banking-specific search.

Procedure Builder icon

Procedure Builder

Organize complex procedures into one easy-to-use tool that guides users step-by-step on how to complete a task. 

Content Drafting Approvals icon

Content Drafting & Approvals

Ensure content accuracy and consistency with the ability to review, edit, and approve content before publishing. 

Audit History icon

Audit History

See what has changed, when, and by whom to ensure you have historical records of your knowledge.

Interlinking content icon


Easily manage information with interlinking that allows you to update once and propagate across all related links.

Decision Trees icon

Decision Trees

Guide users through complex tasks with decisions trees that involve multiple procedures based on the previous answer.

Publish Expiration Dates for content icon

Publish & Expiration Dates

Easily set content to publish in the future and expire when it’s no longer needed.

Review Dates icon, calendar with a gear

Review Dates

Ensure your content is always up to date and accurate with scheduled review dates.

Case management icon

Case Management

Enable users to submit questions while easily routing to the right content owner.

User Feedback

Enable users to indicate if your content was helpful so you can continuously improve.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain insight what content is used most frequently, identify outdated information, and more with built-in analytics.

Data Driven Recommendations

Receive recommendations from our experts to optimize user engagement and maximize results.

“Anytime a member is seeking information, regardless of the channel, Engageware’s platform ensures they are able to easily and quickly find that information, but then takes this a step further to provide additional information that is relevant, as well as a call to action pointing the member to related tasks that may be of interest.”
American 1 Credit Union

The feedback that we’re getting from employees is that they’re very excited about it. They love the fact that they can ask a question and then get the answer. And they love that if they can’t find the answer, they can be part of the process of making it better.
Sharonview Federal Credit Union

“Whether you’re a prospective member, you’re an existing member or you’re a member who’s doing business with us inside the online application you can access the Engageware content. There are FAQs and guided tutorials, and all of those content items are put in place so that members can self-serve. Members have step-by-step instructions on how to activate things like online banking. The strategy is to provide that omnichannel 360-degree experience for the members.”
iTHINK Financial

Engageware has definitely helped save a lot of time on the front end. Staff no longer have to research multiple platforms, nor call various departments to get the answers they need. This also improves our member experience. The faster the frontline is able to access a resource that will help them assist the member, the faster and smoother than transaction will be for the member.
Jefferson Financial Credit Union