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Capture untapped sales with virtual and in-store appointment scheduling

The world’s largest retail brands trust Engageware to meet their unique and complex requirements for appointment scheduling and queue management. Our smart scheduling solutions enable your brand to increase conversions, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional buyer experiences across every channel.

Increase brand loyalty and sales

  • Give your customers premium, personalized service and a seamless journey between their digital and physical experience with your brand.
  • With Engageware, interested customers can book an appointment to visit your store across any of your digital channels, plus book directly from Google Search or Google Maps
  • Instantly match customers with the most qualified person in-store to assist them with personal shopping, styling, and product advice.
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Flexible and scalable to suit the needs of your brand

  • Connect the dots between your online channels and in-store traffic so you can improve efficiency across teams, stores, and regions.
  • Our solutions let our customers support thousands of appointments per second across multiple locations, and we scale effortlessly alongside them as their business grows.
  • Rapidly scale your experiential marketing programs with centralized branding and store-level execution, and offer omnichannel access to your events and classes, with intelligent follow-ups.
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Powerful analytics to enable faster growth

  • Engageware’s analytics dashboard lets you track your data across multiple touchpoints, both online and in store.
  • Get insights on the value of each in-store appointment, together with actionable data about where each customer came from, who they met with, and what they purchased.
  • User-friendly, actionable reporting enables your teams to create more personalized buyer journeys, unique offers, and innovative retail experiences tailored to specific regions, stores, and individual shoppers.
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