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Help your customers help themselves – while reducing call volumes and customer frustration

“We needed a way for members to self-serve”

Learn how Members Credit Union uses Engageware’s Customer Self-Service solution to help members find the answers they need beyond normal operating hours.

The right answer for every question. Every time.

Engageware partners with you to build, launch, and optimize a customized knowledge base for your organization.

We’ve spent over 20 years helping banks, credit unions, and financial service providers reduce call volumes, increase efficiency, and empower more customers to help themselves.

The powerful, natural language technology that drives your knowledge base understands what your customers are asking – and gives them the right answer every time.

Custom Knowledge Base

“Whether you’re a prospective member, you’re an existing member or you’re a member who’s doing business with us inside the online application you can access the Engageware content. There are FAQs and guided tutorials, and all of those content items are put in place so that members can self-serve. Members have step-by-step instructions on how to activate things like online banking. The strategy is to provide that omnichannel 360-degree experience for the members.”

iTHINK Financial Credit Union

Keisha Chapman, Digital Branch Manager

Improve your customer experience across every channel

Give your customers increased access to answers across all your digital channels.

Engageware’s intelligent search technology understands what your customers are looking for, then gives them the right answers and recommended next steps.

Customer Spotlight: Bank of Oak Ridge

Guide your customers to success

Increase the adoption of digital, customer-facing technologies such as mobile and online banking, and online account openings. Create custom tutorials that walk your customers through an interactive guide to increase understanding, engagement, and conversion.

Step-By-Step Guides

Smart, on-page answers

Meet your customers where they are, and give them the answers they need as they browse your website.

From high-value product pages to high-volume support pages, Smart FAQ technology ensures the right answers are on every page, reducing call volumes and driving engagement.

Watch a 3-minute demo of Engageware’s Customer Self-Service and learn why 350+ FIs choose Engageware

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A virtual expert that’s on hand 24/7 to help your customers

Increase customer engagement with Engageware’s banking chatbot. It gives you the intelligence to understand what your customers are asking, backed by a custom knowledge base with the right answers.

Your virtual assistant can reduce call volumes and improve the efficiency of your teams and branches – and integrates seamlessly with your existing chatbots and other digital customer service technology.

The tools and answers you need to deliver self-service assistance

Custom Knowledge Base

Our custom knowledge base allows you to answer the questions that banking customers ask without the guesswork.

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Step-by-Step Guides

Step-by-step interactive guides that walk your users through common digital tasks ranging from setting up mobile or online banking, to bill pay, to Zelle and more.

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Custom Work Queues

Custom Work Queues provide the ease your customers and employees need to quickly resolve issues and capture new business opportunities.

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See how Staley CU delivered digital support to members’ fingertips in less than 30 days

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