Help your customers to help themselves


Customers don’t want to hunt for answers. Engageware gives you interfaces to connect anywhere with the right answers.


Natural language technology instantly understands what customers are asking at every step of their journey.


With a custom knowledge base, Smart FAQs, guided tutorials, and more – customers can get the information they need faster.

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The assistant you need on your team

Increase customer engagement with Engageware’s banking chatbot. It gives you the intelligence to understand what your customers are asking, backed by a custom knowledge base with the right answers.

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Rapid answers across every channel

Give your customers increased access to answers across all your digital channels. Engageware’s intelligent search understands what your customers are looking for, then gives them the right answers recommended next steps.

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Guide your customers to success

Increase the adoption of digital, customer-facing technologies such as mobile and online banking, and online account openings. Create custom tutorials that walk your customers through an interactive guide to increase understanding and engagement.

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Smart, on-page answers

Give your customers the answers they need as they browse your website. From high-value product pages to high-volume support pages, Smart FAQ technology ensures the right answers are on every page.

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The right answer for every question. Every time.

Engageware works with you to build a customized knowledge base for your organization. The powerful, natural language intelligence technology understands exactly what customers are asking – and how to answer them.

  • Fast to set up and launch
  • Ease of implementation ensures rapid customer engagement results
  • Ongoing data and insights to optimize your knowledge base

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Engageware’s Customer Self-Service solution has saved us hundreds of calls to our service center every day since launching. It was an obvious value-add to our member engagement strategy.

Mike Bunner, VP, Director of Digital Marketing at Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union