Intelligent Appointment Scheduling

The fastest route to growing your client base and assets under management

Harness the power of personalized conversations to elevate sales effectiveness, drive client engagement, and boost advisor productivity.

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling saves countless hours and helps financial service providers deliver a superior client experience.

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Cultivate happy clients, attract and grow assets—one conversation at a time.

Retirement Plans

Provide a superior customer experience with more meetings, fewer no-shows, and more effective conversations.​


Elevate client relationships from transactional to conversational and increase customer value, satisfaction, and loyalty.​

Fund Managers

Build trust and become the go-to resource for institutional buyers and independent advisors by easily sharing your availability.

Independent Advisors

Spend more quality time with clients. Improve your “face time to admin time ratio” and build stronger client relationships.


Manage and track appointments right within Salesforce

Enable advisors and reps to manage their appointments within Salesforce—where they can easily offer and schedule meetings right from a lead, contact, or person account record.

Built-in Process Builder workflows automate appointment scheduling requests based on client stages, such as annual account reviews. Track all appointments offered, scheduled, rescheduled or missed right within Salesforce for easy access and reporting.

Connect with Clients

Drive personal meetings with omnichannel engagement

Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling enables investment management firms to convert prospects from every marketing channel—website, email, digital ads, social media, automated phone systems, and text messaging—into personal meetings with the right advisor, broker or fund manager at the right place and time.

Personal Booking Pages

Appointment Scheduling Simplified

Increase client engagement with simplified booking experiences through Scheduler for Salesforce. Personal Booking Pages empowers users to create personalized booking experiences within Salesforce that display all appointment offerings in one place without the assistance of a Salesforce Administrator. The end result is a seamless experience for clients and prospects that allows them to more easily find and select an appointment that best suits their needs whether it is face-to-face, over the phone or using a supported web conferencing provider.


Blend the best of virtual and in-person meetings

With digital interactions on the rise, differentiate your business by making the process personal. Use Engageware and easily connect with clients to deliver high-value, high-touch, personalized advice—in person or virtually.

Engageware directly integrates with all major web conferencing providers. Add virtual meeting information automatically to each booked appointment with Vidyo, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, POP I/O,, Google Hangouts, Invo Video Banking and Microsoft Teams. Create unique web conferencing rooms for each meeting, ensuring each virtual room is private. Avoid multiple emails and calendar notifications for the same appointment from different virtual meeting platforms.

Learn how to transform retirement planning conversations from a time drain to a value driver.

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Match clients with the right advisors—every time

Engageware understands why clients are reaching out and which advisors have the right skills to address their needs. Our patented Smart Matching technology routes each client to the advisor or team best qualified to discuss their unique goals—from wealth building and retirement planning to college savings or other financial objectives.


Maximize appointment flow while minimizing no-shows

Intelligent Appointment Scheduling can increase meeting bookings by up to 28% while eliminating time wasted chasing clients to schedule appointments. Automated reminders and notifications greatly reduce no-shows—Engageware customers enjoy up to 90% client show rates for scheduled appointments.


Prepare advisors and clients for successful meetings

With advanced knowledge of the meeting objectives, both the advisor and client are better prepared—resulting in more productive meetings and minimizing the need for additional appointments and documents.


The trusted choice for leading financial services providers

Engageware is deployed by more than 500 enterprises worldwide, including many of North America’s top financial institutions.

Instantly deployable and proven secure, Engageware meets the unique needs of your organization with a smart blend of robust built-in functionality and extensive customization options.