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Automate Conversational Journeys

Engaggeware's Conversational AI Platform
Virtual Assistant

Instantly Solve Customer Needs

Provide customers with access to 24/7 omnichannel support using our conversational AI powered virtual assistant, allowing instant resolution to their needs while increasing satisfaction.

Our Virtual Assistant has the conversational engine to understand your customers’ intent, integrations to help you resolve customer needs at the first interaction such as appointment scheduling for high value inquiries, and analytics to ensure you continuously improve your customer experience.

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Resolve Complex Queries With Live Chat

Combine the best of automated service with online support and offer a complete 360º customer experience. When complex inquiries require human assistance, seamlessly transfer the session along with the user’s conversation history to an agent, so they can pick up right where the virtual assistant left off.

Empower your teams with the necessary tools to successfully and efficiently resolve customer needs such as AI co-pilot and knowledge management integrations while measuring satisfaction and feedback to constantly improve.

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Proactively Engage With Customers

Automate customer interactions and drive business opportunities with campaigns across SMS and Meta’s social media products. Send one-time campaigns, recurring messages, or two-way messages to your database depending on your goals. Whether your notifications are informational, promotional, transactional, or support, with Engage, the sky is the limit.

Continuously optimize your strategy with detailed analytics that measure the performance of all your campaigns.

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Build Custom Integrations With Ease

Providing the best experience for your customers has never been easier. Studio’s low-code integration designer allows your team to efficiently design, build, and implement custom integrations that help automate conversational journeys and assist in helping you meet your organization’s goals within one user-friendly interface.

“The virtual assistant was an initiative to comprehensively improve the contact experience with customers, providing 24/7 access to information. The idea was to offer a quick and effective way for users browsing our website to get in touch, enabling self-management with the goal of improving their experience with the bank and optimizing our service channels.”

“We train our team to offer customers quick and high quality service. The virtual assistant helps us to allow some items or questions to now be available in the same window. Users only need to click there to get the answers.”

The platform was implemented to provide personalized attention, which allows us to deliver better customer service, and optimize both the time and work of the customer and our sales force. In both cases, time savings, efficient information access, and clarity in the presentation of information will make it possible to allocate more resources to processes with greater value.”