NATCO Credit Union implemented Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling solution in October of 2021. In this Engage with Banker’s customer show & tell session, NATCO’s Karen Houser, Director of Marketing, and Kimberly Davis, Director of Sales and Services, reflect on the implementation process. 

They share 5 things they learned and other institutions should consider as they implement appointment scheduling: 

  1. Planning from the member experience perspective
  2. Getting staff buy-in and support
  3. Overcoming employee scheduling fears 
  4. Marketing optimization
  5. Starting small and building as you go 

“We’re using Engageware to ensure we’re offering the best service to the member and the employee at the same time.”

– Kimberly Davis, Director of Sales and Services at NATCO Credit Union

Watch the recording below to learn more!


About NATCO Credit Union: *these figures are as of 2/9/2022
Asset size: $134,204,698​
Number of employees: 58​
Number of branches: 3 plus NCEC​
Number of members: 16,309​
Region: Indiana​
Engageware product: Appointment Scheduling

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