T.U.C.E.  UMB Bank employees know these four letters as an acronym for “The Unparalleled Customer Experience” — a maxim for how they approach their customers. All new hires are given a copy of a TUCE handbook which Mariner Kemper, Chairman & CEO of UMB Financial Corp. believes addresses “all the things that are near and dear to us.” Kemper encourages employees to keep their TUCE Book close at hand, within their briefcase.

UMB recently established a ‘Voice of the Customer Steering Team.  “This team uses ongoing customer feedback to set priorities for addressing customer experience issues and to identify how to better meet customers” needs. In another example of UMB’s efforts to understand customers’ point of view, a team under the SVP of Client Experience and Channel Operations has started an initiative where bankers visit their customers at home. This has led to the development of insightful customer personas and an internal communication campaign to help employees understand issues and preferences of key customer segments.

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