Drive conversations by capturing your customers at the peak of their interest.

Exceed your marketing, sales and customer success goals using Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling by Engageware in your omnichannel marketing campaigns. Convert interest to action with a simple, intuitive appointment booking link via mobile devices, search, email, web or your customer-facing app.

Watch this video to learn how omnichannel appointment scheduling capabilities helps create conversations that drive business combining intelligence with the power of online appointment scheduling.

Intelligent Appointment Scheduling Core Capabilities

Omnichannel Scheduling

Connect with customers at their moment of peak interest by providing a service guarantee from any channel at any time.

Smart Resource Matching

Match the requirements of each appointment request with the team member and resources necessary for each customer.

Appointment Routing

Ensure the appropriate resource is matched to each appointment by pairing your customers with the employee best qualified.

Pooled Resource Management

Maximize appointment availability by dynamically publishing employee availability in one easy-to-read calendar.

1-on-1 & Team Meetings

Simplify scheduling by displaying your personal availability displaying only the times that everyone is available.

Custom Availability

Customize availability by offering fully open availability, rolling availability, a set date range, or choose specific dates and times.

Configurable Rules

Adapt your appointment process with easily configurable business rules, timeframes and appointment limits.

Personal Calendar Sync

Stay up to date with your teams’ personal calendars. Two-way integration with the most popular calendaring systems.

Automated Reminders

Reduce no-show rates and ensure customer satisfaction with customized post-appointment follow-ups.

Web/Video Conferencing

Create unique, private web conference meetings automatically for each appointment type.

Reporting and Analytics

Get clear insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts—from acquisition online to post-appointment service.

CRM Connector

Be confident that data captured during the booking process – and the impact it has on your sales funnel  into your CRM.

Connect Across Every Channel

Allow your prospects and customers to engage with your business on the channel they prefer. Never miss an opportunity to connect with omnichannel intelligent appointment scheduling from Engageware.


Reserve with Google

Enable potential customers using Google Search, Google Assistant or Google Maps to make bookings with local businesses using Reserve with Google powered by Engageware. Harness its power to convert web and mobile searches to scheduled appointments in your stores and branch locations. Enabling Reserve with Google bookings for your business is quick and easy.


Website Scheduling

Easily embed Appointment Scheduling calendars on your website and connect inbound leads with the right team member. Personalize and expedite the booking process – customers choose services, products and locations at the moment of peak interest – so you can provide “we’ve been expecting you” service at the right time and right place – every time.


Social Scheduling

Take full advantage of social media to connect with prospects and customers. Provide instant personalized service and shorten the sales cycle. Take public conversations offline to solve customer issues. Integrate with social media chat applications, allowing automated chat bots and services to schedule appointments with interested customers.


Mobile Scheduling

TimeTrade’s responsive scheduling calendar works flawlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile, allowing your prospects and customers to book appointments on their device of choice. Customers can use each device’s native interface to navigate and schedule appointments, simplifying the process and increasing conversions – while building brand loyalty.


Call Center Scheduling

Allow your busy call center to do more than just recommend that customers visit a location or call another number. Empower your call center to proactively schedule appointments with the right team member – virtually or in person. Your call center reps will have full access to your skilled resources and their specific availability. Automatically send email, text or calendar reminders about the appointment, and keep your customers happy with seamless service.


Email Scheduling

Empower your marketing teams with personalized, creative calls to action that boost marketing campaigns and allow marketing teams to match each recipient with the right team member. Sales reps will speed customer acquisitions with customized booking links in personal emails. Add CTAs to your Outlook emails or through your prospecting cadence programs and end the calling, chasing and waiting game.

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