Now that the new year is finally here, Engageware is ready to help salespeople hone their skills and be even more successful in 2018.

In that spirit, here are the next pair of tips from my best-selling book The Pocket Guide for Sales Survival.

The book features “161 Vital Rules for Selling Anything to Anyone, Anywhere” organized for beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert salespeople. Each week we’ll share a pair of these tips to help you sell more effectively.

Rule 30: Bounce Back Tomorrow

We like to talk about having a great attitude and handling the ebbs and flows of a sales career.

It’s so important to bounce back from not only the lows, but from the highs, as well.

If you’re extremely discouraged after missing a goal, you can take that night to be down. But be ready to bounce back to an even keel tomorrow.

If you’re No. 1 and you just crushed your quota and beat everyone globally in sales, allow yourself that night or weekend to celebrate. Then be sure to bounce back to your even keel tomorrow.

You cannot get too high or too low in sales. You must always bounce back to your even keel tomorrow.

If you are frustrated by a situation, your sales will suffer.

If you are fascinated by a situation, your sales will soar.

Rule 64: Jones Theory

Everyone wants to be like the Joneses. So you should talk about other customers that are already using the product or service you’re selling, and the benefits they are experiencing.

Keeping up with the Joneses—

To “keep up with the Joneses” is a common phrase used in America to convey the idea of people’s desires, to do what others are doing and have what others are having.

We’ve all experienced “Keeping up with the Joneses” moments at some time in our life.

When talking with customers in ANY sales environment, it’s important to recognize these opportunities and mention the people already enjoying and benefiting from your product or service.

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