Scheduling inbound appointments through Facebook has never been easier. Connect with your followers and allow them to engage with you any time – day or night and book confirmed appointments from your Businesses Facebook page. To get this working, here’s what you’ll need.

Step 1:

Login to your Facebook account and load your Facebook page. On this page you should see an option to “+ Add a Button.” Click on that button to see the different button options you can add.

Step 2:

Select the “Book with you” option and choose the “Book Now” radio button. Then hit next.

Step 3:

Choose the “Link to Website” option which will launch a popup where you can enter the URL to your calendar.  You can either link to the page on your website where your scheduling calendar is embedded, or you can put your scheduling activity link directly in this field.  This will launch a new window directly to your calendar allowing followers to book appointments.  This functionality will work with Engageware Scheduler for SMB, Salesforce, Enterprise, and Events and Classes.

Facebook has released “Appointments on Facebook” which is a simple scheduling plugin that connects to Google calendar. Although you can schedule appointments with this feature, you are unable to use Appointments on Facebook through any other digital channel such as your website, email campaigns, or direct email messages. Appointments scheduled with this plugin will not sync with Engageware. We recommend you use the “Link to Website” option and use your Engageware Scheduling Link.

Looking to do even more? Use Engageware Scheduler with Facebook Messenger’s auto-replies. When you’re closed or away from your computer, Facebook’s auto-reply feature will reply to inquiries with the opportunity to schedule an appointment.  Click here to learn how.

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