Even though 93 percent of retail decision makers say service personalization is a strategic focus, only one-quarter of consumers feel they receive a consistent, personal experience across channels.

In 2016, Engageware surveyed 100 C-level decision makers and more than 5,000 consumers about plans and perceptions around customer experience and personalization in retail. These surveys highlight a major perception disconnect between retailers and consumers, as well as a significant divide between consumers’ desires and retailers’ focus. In the end, retailers are missing a valuable opportunity to address consumer concerns and deliver a personalized experience that meets the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers.

Additional key findings from these surveys include:

  •  A mere 23% of retail decision makers plan to undertake initiatives for personalization in the next 18 months, while 8% plan to do nothing at all.
  •  Among organizations planning improvements, training store associates was noted as the top priority (83%).
  • 51% of consumers said call centers provide the poorest customer experience, but only 5% of retailers named it a top priority for improvement in 2016
  • Only 27% of consumers feel that big-name brands try to provide VIP-like service
  • Lack of prompt assistance will drive the majority of consumers (85%) to leave a dressing room – and the store – and abandon their intended purchases
  • 59% of respondents would like it if store associates knew the items in their online shopping carts, but only 24% of retailers currently have that ability; only 12% are looking to implement it within the next 18 months

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