Two weeks ago, Engageware had a great recipe for fun at Boston TechJam, an annual get together for established and emerging tech innovators.

Sponsor companies try to outdo each other by setting up carnival-like games as a way to meet as many attendees as possible, recruit new talent and build brand awareness to help drive sales.

Never missing an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, Engageware set up a “Pie Your Luck” game and succeeded in getting dozens and dozens of TechJam attendees to pie their luck of getting hit in the face with a whipped cream “pie” in return for a T-shirt and a chance to win Red Sox tickets. Players spun a wheel to see how many cranks they had to give the machine that might—or might not—fling some nice fresh whipped cream in their face.

The photos speak for themselves. Never underestimate what someone will do for a free shirt, even if it means getting hit with a copious amount of whipped cream on a scorching hot day.

And it was a fantastic opportunity for the marketing, sales, and other Engageware team members who were present to spread the word about being the industry leader in appointment-driven personalization.

As nervous “victims” lined up to see if they would get “pied” or escape with their dignity intact, they also heard a lot about how Engageware can help their business do more business.

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