Empower sales teams to sell more with less admin burden

Sales and support teams are busy, but frequently not in the most productive ways. A slew of recent research, including the Salesforce State of Sales report, found that sales reps spend just over one-third (34%) of their time selling. The rest is devoted to admin tasks, research, data entry and scheduling appointments.

Part of the problem is information overload and inefficient processes that slow down even your best sales pros. The other roadblock is the fact that mission-critical tools like CRM, email, calendars and appointment scheduling applications don’t effectively or accurately communicate with each other. That forces sales teams to revert to time consuming, manual inputs that often result in inaccurate or duplicate information.

When sales tools work together, sales teams are more successful

What we heard from hundreds of the world’s largest brands is that the lack of synchronization between essential tools is a major headache, costing organizations lost time and revenue. If you could free up even a fraction of the hours spent on non-essential sales activities, it would enable your sales team to focus on getting to know clients and prospects on a deeper level, driving more meaningful engagement. That’s why we developed Engageware Sync.

Engageware Sync simplifies synchronization between CRM, email and calendar applications

While your sales and support teams are working hard to maximize customer interactions, Engageware Sync is working behind the scenes to support them. Engageware Sync improves sales and support team productivity and reduces IT costs through a highly reliable, real-time synchronization of emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, and appointment data across your team’s preferred CRM, email and calendar platforms. Seamless data syncing also gives your team access to a priceless resource – more time.

This two-way data synchronization also solves another sales headache: duplicate or inaccurate records. With real-time data transfer, teams finally have a single record of truth that’s accessible to sales, service and customer success teams.

Here’s how Engageware Sync simplifies the process:

  • Syncs CRM data – synchronizes emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, events and activity data between Salesforce (or other CRM applications) and popular business productivity platforms like Office 365 and G Suite.
  • Gives sales and support team more flexibility – with peace of mind that data is accurately recorded across systems, sales representatives, support staff and other customer-facing personnel can remain in their preferred applications to further enhance productivity.
  • Eliminates wasted admin time – by eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, sales and support personnel have more time in their day to focus on providing outstanding, personalized service.

  • Improves forecasting – with more accurate and timely CRM data, sales leaders can create forecasts and other critical reports without the need for additional man hours to assemble the latest information.

  • Reduces IT admin and complexity – the simple, cloud-based application is quickly implemented and can be customized for each organization. The fast and ultra-reliable data synchronization means less time troubleshooting CRM data quality and latency issues.

  • Optimizes online appointment schedulingby leveraging the integration between your CRM and scheduling applications, Engageware creates meetings with the most appropriate employee at the right time.

Engageware Sync is immediately available for Salesforce users and will soon be available for other CRM systems, including SAP and Oracle. For more information on Engageware Sync, download the data sheet or schedule a meeting with an expert.

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