Bill Clark, Engageware CEO, on the Bankadelic Podcast

What is customer engagement? How is it defined in the realm of financial services? Recently, Bill Clark, Engageware CEO, joined Lou Carlozo to discuss just that on Bankadelic: The Colorful Side of Finance.

Following Engageware’s recent rebrand in late July, Bill Clark shares why the company formerly known as TimeTrade SilverCloud rebranded to Engageware, and how its solutions offer the financial services industry tools to foster stronger engagement with their banking customers.

“On today’s podcast, Bill Clark spoke about the idea of engagement…This idea that there is a distinction between the one or two times a customer interacts versus many positive experiences over time that lead to engagement. And, if you think about it, [customer engagement] is the key to success for any financial institution,” – Lou Carlozo,  Editor in Chief & podcast host

Tune in to hear Bill and Lou discuss the strategies and technologies differentiating customer engagement from customer experience in banking.


  • Why “Engageware?”
  • Customer engagement vs. customer experience
  • The significance of relationship banking
  • The unique characteristics of mid-sized banks & credit unions

“Customer engagement is the sum of many experiences and it’s particularly important in the financial services industry, where relationships are so significant,”

– Bill Clark, Engageware CEO

Don’t have time to listen to the whole podcast? Jump to a topic of interest:

  • 1:55 — What’s in a name? The new company name & identity and its significance to the industry
  • 4:06 — What’s the difference? Distinguishing customer engagement from customer experience
  • 5:20 – Relationships matter in banking
  • 5:40 – What Engageware offers banks & CUs in regard to relationship banking
  • 8:20 — How and why FIs need to foster stronger customer engagement
  • 9:30 — Omnichannel and the importance of meeting your customers wherever they are
  • 10:09 — Efficiency matters. Challenges for mid-market FIs
  • 10:47 — Partnership networks are crucial to helping FIs build engagement strategies
  • 13:11 — The value of pre-integrated solutions for mid-tier FIs
  • 18:20 – 3 key takeaways
  • 19:20 – Lou’s Views: Customer engagement as the key to success for any financial institution

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