In the state of Massachusetts, residents are required by law to have car insurance coverage (and it is also suggested to have a local agent) – so, why is it so difficult to get in touch with agencies?

Now, this may not be a new frustration for many, as connecting with a variety of services is extremely tedious and time consuming. However, if it is mandatory to have coverage, shouldn’t it be easy for the consumer to get in touch with an agent?

My recent experience finding new car insurance—was a long process. Yes, of course it’s important to compare quotes, but I want to share some insight on my attempt with one agency.

  1. Find insurance agency website.
  2. Fill out form requesting a quote for car insurance.
  3. The person who received the request form was sick, and was out of office for about a week.
    • When the agent returned, I finally heard back and we began to go back and forth via email so they could acquire all the necessary information to complete the quote.
    • During this time, I was able to connect with a few other agencies that were more responsive.

In the end, I just did not have the time or patience to continue with a company that was nonresponsive.

Now, let’s turn the table, and see how this headache could have been reduced.

  1. Find insurance agency website.
  2. Notice a “Schedule a Call with an Agent Today!” call to action button on the homepage (and various other pages of the website).
  3. Complete the necessary information, choose a day and time that works for me, and bam! I know that I have a scheduled day and time to speak with an agent about my car insurance policy.

Now that sounds like some great service, and a great way to avoid losing a potential customer!

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