Microsoft Outlook gives you some basic calendar functionality, sure, but it falls short when you need to schedule time with others outside your company. Even for those within your company, you don’t have the control over what times people see, and what times they are allowed to pick from when scheduling with you.

Engageware’s Scheduler for Small and Medium Business (SMB) gives you the ability to offer up carefully selected sets of availability based on who you are scheduling with and the nature of the appointment. You have control over what times you select to offer up and on which days. However, if Engageware doesn’t know what times you’ve already got booked in your Outlook calendar when someone clicks to schedule with you, you run the risk of double-booking. That’s where the Engageware’s SMB Outlook Connector comes in. By enabling the Outlook Connector, you let Engageware and Outlook talk to each other, ensuring that both are updated each time an appointment is booked.

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It also gives you the capability to click a button right in your Outlook account and automatically insert a “Click to schedule” link for email recipients. Once you’ve set up the Outlook Connector, you can get all the benefits of Engageware without ever having to leave your Outlook account.

Adding Engageware’s Scheduler for SMB to your Microsoft Outlook account turns Outlook into the perfect appointment scheduling machine. Once you’ve set it up, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Visit our Knowledge Center for details on how to set up the Outlook Connector.

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