Social selling in a B2B environment is dominated by LinkedIn. With almost 200 million professionals creating complex social graphs on LinkedIn through connections, groups and skills, it is an ideal medium for sales representatives to engage prospects. Connection rates through LinkedIn are 7 times greater than email and message to sales meetings can be as high as 20% because interactions contain a built-in level of trust and transparency based on public profiles. Social selling relies not only on trust, but for salespeople to change their engagement methods – they must be contributors who are offering something of value as opposed to cold-call sales pitches.

Learning How to Master Social Selling

Watch our YouTube Webinar on Social Selling with Jamie Shanks of Sales for Life below and learn the strategies and techniques of social selling:


Social Selling with Online Appointment Scheduling

Once two interested parties have made a connection using social selling, there is still the “old fashioned” need to actually have a meeting and speak. Studies have shown that it can take an average of 6.2 email/phone/voicemail exchanges over a period of 9 business days to setup a mutually agreeable time for a meeting. This calling, waiting and chasing is a huge drain on sales productivity (and the prospect or customer doesn’t enjoy it either). Social selling relies on have the tools to make it fast and easy for prospects to meet with you. Engageware’s online appointment scheduling solution, let’s prospects pick a day time that works for them to meet with you. Using this social selling technique has been demonstrated to increase sales booking by up to 28% and speed up the sales cycle by 40%.

Social Selling Profile Appointment Links

In today’s social selling environment, customers and prospects want to know who you are as much as you want to know them. They frequently use LinkedIn to gain information about the sales rep who has reached out to them. Beyond keeping your profile up to date, having positive recommendations and displaying relevant group memberships, sales reps practicing social selling by making themselves available via their LinkedIn Profile – Contact Info tab using their Engageware URL. Engageware makes it fast and easy for your prospects and customers to see your real-time availability and schedule a sales meeting at a time convenient for them.

Social Selling InMail Appointment Links

Using LinkedIn’s InMail function is a core feature of social selling and one of the best ways to contact new prospects and existing customers. Because of its trusted nature and guaranteed delivery, InMails yield a much higher open rate than traditional emails, typically over 20%. By putting a Engageware link in your InMails, you remove the calling, chasing and waiting that typically accompany trying to setup a meeting. Prospects and customers simply click your Engageware link and they can book a meeting that works for them (and you!). See an example below:

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