If you read the headline to this post and instantly figured it must be a work of fiction, that’s understandable. We’ve all heard the expressions “It’s not rocket science” or “It’s not brain surgery” to describe a task that’s perceived to be far easier than those aforementioned “really hard” jobs. But, have you ever heard anyone say “It’s not sales work”? Right, neither have I.

But for those who work in sales, and for the many people who work with and support them in companies of all types and sizes, it’s widely acknowledged that the art of selling a product or service—especially at technology companies that sell to other businesses—is not one of the easiest jobs.

If you Google “tips for selling faster” or “how to turn prospects into customers quickly and easily” you’ll see dozens of pages containing, I’m sure, all of the answers for how to sell anything to anyone in five minutes or less. If only that were true.

The reality is that sales is a difficult job and sales professionals need more than just skills and perseverance to succeed. They need to build human connections with their prospects and customers. And they need tools that can help them do just that.

Customer relationship management solutions (CRM)—such as Salesforce—have become indispensable to sales teams. But as good as these solutions are at helping with key aspects of sales and marketing, they don’t do it all.

That’s why Engageware developed Scheduler, our newest product, which is a Lightning-ready, native Salesforce App you can download from the Salesforce AppExchange. Picking up where ——Salesforce leaves off, Scheduler helps salespeople increase sales by eliminating calling, chasing and waiting. Three words that make sales pros cringe.

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