Chances are that if you’re an existing Salesforce customer, you or your company’s Security or IT professionals have reviewed their data security and IT policies and found them to be effective. As the fastest growing cloud CRM solution, Salesforce hasn’t gotten to where they are now by ignoring important questions related to data security and protection.

However, some companies may require additional layers of security and accessibility and that’s where Salesforce’s Shield product comes into play.

Shield allows companies to add an extra layer of data protection for their CRM content by allowing encryption to be enabled for a number of data fields within Salesforce. When Shield Platform Encryption is on, users with the “View Encrypted Data” permission can see the contents of encrypted fields, but users without that permission see only masked values. This allows a company to restrict access to key pieces of data and lock down personally identifiable information so that companies with strict security protocols can rest easy.

As a side effect, Salesforce’s ISV Partners that have developed key applications must ensure that their application is capable of working in a Shield-enabled environment in order to continue to protect the content assets within the customer’s CRM.

Engageware is thrilled to be one of those few vendors and the only Intelligent Appointment Scheduling application to now be available to customers using the Shield platform. Engageware’s release of Scheduler for Salesforce with Shield Support ensures that marketers, salespeople, bankers and wealth managers can utilize Scheduler’s Intelligent Appointment Setting in the most secure applications.

“We have a number of customers using Salesforce’s Sales Cloud or the Financial Services Cloud that are either already using Shield, or will soon be using Shield and we’re very pleased to offer them the capability of using Scheduler in their secured, encrypted environments,” says Miki Goyal, Chief Technology Officer with Engageware. “Security is the cornerstone by which Engageware has built is market leading capability in Financial Services, enabling our impressive list of the world’s largest banks.”

Engageware’s Scheduler for Salesforce with Shield support will be available in March for customers and will be offered as part of the standard Scheduler offering.

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