A recap of the March 31st webinar – How to Provide the Best Digital Support as Banking Customers Shift to Digital Amid COVID-19.

The effect of COVID-19 on banking has been significant. Almost overnight, banking customers were forced to switch to digital banking. The impact was significant. Banks and credit unions were forced to direct its customers and members towards mobile and online banking. For a large majority, it was either their first time or they were forced to do more than simple tasks like check their balance.  This has led to:

  • Lots and lots of questions. From simple banking questions such as routing number, to technology questions such as transfers, online banking, reset password, zelle and more.
  • High call volumes at banks and credit unions.  At the large banks hold times were reported to be 2 hours plus and for the majority of banks and credit unions, call volumes have increased.

With over 250,0000 weekly banking customer queries on our digital support platform, Engageware has unique data on what banking customers are looking for in your digital channels. We broke down the usage trends from March 2020 between banking websites and mobile platforms. The results are startling:

  • Usage of digital support is increasing 5% to 8% A DAY. 
  • The questions run the gambit of technology questions, everyday banking questions to lending questions. 
  • There are tremendous opportunities to not only provide digital support, but also to help your customers through challenging times by guiding them to the right products.
  • Chatbot usage is up 50% in March

The top customer questions asked digitally broken down by week in March 2020:

Graphic showing the top customer questions asked digitally broken down by week in March 2020

Optimizing for Digital Support for the Do it Yourselfers

We next broke down the best practices for delivering self-service support in your digital channels. 

Creating Great Support Content

All good support starts with good content. This means following the 3As model:

  • Answer the question
  • Provide additional information
  • Make it actionable

Making Information Easy to Find

Delivering great support means making it easy to find and including speed bumps to remind your customers to use digital support. The best practices include:

  • Making it prominent from the navigation and homepage
  • Optimizing your contact us page to include FAQs and a search widget above the phone number
  • Linking from your mobile banking 
  • Leveraging a banking-specific chatbot

Delivering Digital Support

Your customers need support more than ever. Engageware, the only support solution built exclusively for banking, wants to help you today. Learn more about how you can leverage Engageware’s Customer Self-Service with banking chatbot today to reduce call volumes and deliver a better customer experience.

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