Engageware is privileged to work with leading brands – we’re proud to help our great group of customers improve in-person service and deliver a true “concierge” experience for their clients. This week we wanted to take a closer look at the work we’ve done with one of our great banking customers, Logix Federal Credit Union.

Los Angeles based Logix Federal Credit Union was founded in 1937 under the name Lockheed Aircraft Federal Credit Union. Over the years, the name has changed but the company’s dedication to quality has remained the same. In fact, for the past ten years the research firm Raddon Financial Group has recognized Logix as one of the top performing credit unions in the US.

Identifying the Challenge
Engageware began working with Logix in 2014. The company had developed an in-house appointment setting solution for members who wanted to apply for loans or meet with advisors at local branches. The goal was to make it easier for customers to get in touch with their branch representatives, but there were a few flaws. First, the system didn’t display employee availability, so it was impossible for customers to make informed scheduling requests. Once requests were submitted via the system, they were handed off to a given branch to schedule manually, and from there employees had to contact the customer with an appointment time. It took up to 24 hours to confirm appointments, and in many cases appointments could not be accommodated.

Addressing the Issues
That all changed once Logix began working with Engageware. Engageware’s Banking by Appointment cloud solution integrates with Microsoft Outlook on a real-time basis, allowing members to see specific dates and times available across branches. The system also provides an email confirmation for customers and reminders of upcoming appointments. Customers are now able to easily schedule an appointment in a matter of seconds, and employees have the tools needed to better plan their day and improve productivity. The company has also benefitted by streamlining its ability to schedule appointments with members and decrease costs, due to the automated system.

Today, Logix seamlessly schedules more than 5,600 appointments each month across 15 local branches in the LA market, and that number continues to grow. Engageware helped Logix streamline processes, improve insight for employees and enhance the customer experience. Nothing compares to a positive in-person experience, and we’re proud of what we’ve helped Logix achieve in that department, and beyond. We look forward to continued work with the brand.

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