Today, we’ve launched our new whitepaper: “Intelligent Appointment Scheduling: What Is It and How Does Artificial Intelligence Power It?” Our aim is simply to show how artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way customer-facing teams work by helping them engage potential buyers at the optimal moment of interest.

This comes just as the first wave of enterprise AI technology is cresting. IBM Watson, Salesforce Einstein, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Azure – these pioneering AI platforms introduced many businesses to the power of cognitive computing and machine learning. Companies are now beginning to use AI to secure a deeper and ongoing relationship with their customers through intelligent appointment scheduling (IAS) and other AI-powered solutions that optimize every live interaction.

AI makes interactions much more efficient by “seeing” patterns that people can’t easily recognize, applying customized resources, and suggesting live conversations when they’re most valuable. Pairing AI with scheduling – the basis of intelligent appointment scheduling for businesses – will help companies achieve new levels of customer engagement. This new IAS-based world meets the expectations of today’s on-demand consumers, who value instant gratification and expect personalized engagement that’s tailored to their unique needs.

IAS will also benefit the innovators who carefully design and optimize these personalized approaches. Companies in the financial services, technology, and retail industries are using IAS to establish the right connections, with the right customers, at the exact moment when their interest is highest.

How does this work? AI tracks the outcomes of every meeting, and then evaluates patterns to improve future interactions. In this fashion, the IAS system optimizes and replicates those factors that contribute to positive outcomes. AI powers a trigger for each customer interaction based on a client’s individual needs. AI can prompt customer relationship managers to schedule a client meeting, for example, at the exact moment when it determines a live interaction is the appropriate next step.

The integration of AI and Engageware’s IAS platform makes it possible, and practical, for businesses to connect highly qualified internal experts with high value prospects. For the first time, companies can reliably deploy the exact right resources and experts to engage 1-on-1, in real time, with qualified prospects.

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