Did you know that the “typical” accountant works 60 hours per week during tax season? Three things will help you make the most of your precious time:

  1. Get control over your schedule
  2. Simplify the process of coordinating client meetings.
  3. Group client meetings into blocks of your day to avoid context shifting

Fact: The annual tax prep appointment is the most important meeting you have with clients all year. It’s where you’ll have crucial in-person client conversations to review their 2015 finances, pose and answer questions, address any issues and documentation needs…

So, with the 2016 tax season upon us – how are you going to address the problems you’ve faced every year? How can you efficiently manage your valuable time to:

  • Connect with current clients to book their tax preparation appointments
  • Make it easy for both them and you to meet, without all the typical back and forth phone tag and email ping-pong you’ve done in the past.
  • Attract new clients and simplify how and when they can meet with you
  • Simplify the process of meeting with customers to ‘close the loop’ on information needed to file their returns.

Eliminate Scheduling Headaches

While tax preparation reminder postcards and “Thank You” notes can help – you need a way to control your schedule without disrupting your workflow and cutting into delivering the quality service that will keep your clients loyal.

Tax Pros – there is a better way by using Online Appointment Scheduling!

  • Online appointment scheduling software lets your clients and prospects self-book a convenient day and time to meet from your website, emails and social media (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Instantly route meetings to the right associate within your firm, based on client needs (e.g. corporate vs. personal tax filing).
  • Online appointment scheduling integrates into individual Outlook, iCal or Google calendars to prevent double booking.
  • To better control your work week, you can designate certain days and times that you’re available, for initial and follow-up client meetings. Organizing client appointments into blocks can increase productivity by as much as 40%
  • It’s simple to setup, and sends appointments right to your existing calendar.

Engageware scheduling solutions is in use by thousands of financial professionals– from accountants, financial planners, and insurance agents to wealth advisors and private bankers.

They tell us that it:

  • Gives them more control and structure on how they spend their time and manage their work week.
  • Dramatically simplifies the process of scheduling appointments with clients and prospects.

During tax season and all year long, time management solutions like Engageware can help you gain control over your schedule to increase productivity while providing your clients with a more engaging experience.

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