Boost Efficiencies and Reduce Wait Time with Online Scheduling Government Services

Engageware’s online scheduling solution is engineered to help government agencies at the federal, state, and local level apply Internet technology to gain better control over scheduling processes and improve resource utilization throughout their operations and programs.

Engageware appointment scheduling software makes it possible for government employees, customers, call centers, and third-party affiliates to conduct scheduling transactions via the Web.

With Web-based scheduling, everyone involved in the scheduling process can share real-time visibility into the inventory of available resources and timeslots. And there are two choices for the kind of government services scheduling solution you can implement – an internal system accessible only by authorized employees, or a customer-facing application open for self-service scheduling.

With online self-service scheduling, your customers can go online at any time of day or night, check availability, and schedule a timeslot. Engageware also integrates with interactive voice response systems for self-service scheduling via the telephone.  Alternatively, Engageware makes it easy to handle telephone-based appointment requests through a scheduling coordinator or separate call center. Either way, the Web helps you take control of the scheduling process through a centrally managed system.

Our solution is not a group calendar application, but rather a rules-based scheduling and resource management system that supports reservations and appointment transactions as well as activity and event registration. And Engageware is a real-time system, so there is never a chance of double booking or confusion. Engageware software evaluates the availability of your underlying resources (including people, facilities and equipment) and applies appropriate constraints based on your unique business rules.

Government Services Scheduling Solutions

Federal Citizen Services
Since Engageware is a highly configurable application, it can address a variety of different Federal government services scheduling needs scheduling needs, particularly in the area of citizen services. In addition to streamlining the appointment scheduling process, Engageware adds significant value by allowing program administrators to analyze key metrics generated by the system and make the necessary adjustments to optimize resources and reduce costs.

State Departments of Motor Vehicles
The DMV is a notoriously busy place, with customers waiting in long lines for a variety of services. Using the Engageware system, DMV customers can easily schedule online appointments from their home or office for activities like driving exams, license renewals, and vehicle inspections. The Department, in turn, can use Engageware to effectively manage its resources, such as driving instructors and cameras.

County and City Social Services
A typical county or large city faces enormous scheduling challenges that can be streamlined with Web-based scheduling – from counselors meeting with patients, to case workers making home visits, to citizens receiving training in support of health and welfare programs. In every case, you’re trying to bring people and resources together from a variety of locations. Engageware takes the pain out of this process by automating the scheduling and resource management online.

System Integrators
Engageware has worked successfully with many of the largest systems integration consultants.  If you’re a systems integrator interested in sourcing Engageware into your next government project, contact us today.

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