This blog is part of a short series called “The Events and Classes Diaries”, where we recount our own experiential marketing journeys to highlight the power of classes and branded events in creating an exceptional customer experience.

At Engageware, we work with some of the most innovative brands in the world. And we’re proud of that. So when “supporting your customers” means spending an evening at Sephora…count us in! Sephora puts the “experience” in experiential marketing, creating a hands-on beauty phenomenon that is commonly referred to as a “candy store” for women. Among its most recent innovations, the retailer has adopted and introduced in-store events and classes.

Sephora Events and Classes

These wildly popular offerings include classes such as “No Makeup Makeup” and “Perfect Lips,” and sessions including “Brave Beauty in the Face of Cancer,” where attendees learn techniques to address the physical changes that come from cancer treatments. After browsing the Sephora website, I personally opted to join in for “Anti-aging skincare basics” and had no problem convincing a few colleagues to join me. A few mouse clicks later, we were all registered and our calendars were updated for an evening of fun. Leading up to the event, we even received email and phone reminders of our upcoming event, providing the option to let them know if I was no longer able to attend so others could take my spot and ensure a full class.

When the big day finally arrived, we checked in onsite and were greeted by the Sephora team who had the event registration list available to greet guests. We took our seats in a mini classroom situated in the middle of the store surrounded by an endless sea of products sure to solve any beauty need you might have… and then some. Each station in the classroom was pre-set with a personal mirror, headband, bowl of water, towels and cheat sheet for taking notes. As the class began, our instructor Jackie asked us to start by removing our make-up (OK, this just got personal).

As the evening went on she walked us through a full skincare regimen, sharing multiple product options based on our particular skincare types and providing insight from her personal experiences of what works and doesn’t. I didn’t feel like I was being sold to, but rather receiving personal recommendations from a new friend who just so happens to have tried out almost every product on those shiny shelves. The format was informative but also informal enough that we could chime in to ask about our specific questions and concerns.

personalized follow ups

As the night wrapped up there was extra staff on hand ready to help us grab the products we selected to buy, but I also didn’t feel pressured to get anything. Nonetheless, I walked out with a big bag full of new goodies. As I drove home that night, there was no purchase regret because I had already had the opportunity to test out what I got was knowledgeable on how to use it.

After the event, I received a personalized email from the instructor with links to check out all the different products we tested, making it easy to purchase additional products or reorder.

Would I attend another event at Sephora or even another store? Absolutely! In fact, I may already be registered for my next one already…

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