You don’t have to work in a customer service or support job to have a pretty good idea that it can be quite challenging—on a good day!

As consumers, we all have engaged with the customer service or support team at a company with which we do business. Many times, it’s a great experience and it leaves us feeling even better about the organization with which we’re spending our money. Other times, it can quickly make us question the decision we’ve made to do business with a particular brand.

As a company in the business of helping our customers provide their customers with an exceptional experience every time they engage, we know how challenging it is for the teams that provide onboarding services for new customers, deliver product training, and respond to trouble tickets as quickly as possible.

There is both an art and a science to providing outstanding customer service and support. Those who make a career in that field are among the most devoted and energetic employees. But even the most positive, enthusiastic customer success professionals can become frustrated with the day-to-day demands of the job. In fact, one of the biggest frustrations for service teams is how difficult it can be to connect with customers just to begin the process of serving them.

The following infographic examines some of the frustrations that customer service and support teams experience—at least at those organizations that are not yet using one of Engageware’s intelligent customer engagement solutions like appointment scheduling to make connecting with customers faster and easier than ever!

Customer Success Infographic

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