Earlier this month we highlighted our work with one of our great finance customers, Logix Federal Credit Union. The post gave an overview of the problem Logix was facing, why the company turned to Engageware, and how we helped address the issue. Now it’s time to dive into a different industry with another great customer example: C Spire. Read on for a look at how the telecom technology provider revamped its in-store retail processes with Engageware.

Identifying the Challenge 
C Spire is a telecom based technology services company that operates the nation’s largest privately held wireless communications unit. Founded in 1988, the company has 67 retail locations, primarily in the Southeastern US. C spire found that their retail locations were encountering some service problems that needed addressing to improve the in-store experience. The retail locations couldn’t predict how much traffic to expect during a given day/time, which proved to be problematic during peak shopping periods, like the holidays or during a new product launch. Additionally, customers were not interested in waiting in line when they visited the store, especially those coming in over lunch breaks, when time was limited. C Spire needed a way to better prepare for customer visits, deliver top notch service and ensure that clients wouldn’t have to wait.

Addressing the Issue
C Spire initially considered building its own online appointment scheduling system, but ultimately the provider chose to outsource the project due to time and budget constraints. After assessing a pool of vendors, C Spire selected Engageware for two key reasons: the system integrated seamlessly with Exchange and its web interface was perfectly optimized for mobile. Many of C Spire’s customers access its website via mobile devices, so this feature was especially important. Engageware’s maturity and scalability were also big selling factors.

Reaping the Result
Since working with Engageware, C Spire has been booking more than 1,000 reservations every month. Having this foresight into store arrivals enables C Spire to provide the one-on-one attention that customers crave. Knowing who is arriving when – as well as what their requests pertain to – allows the company to be ready with the right salesperson and the right solution to deliver on-demand “concierge style” service. In today’s environment of instant, customized services and heightened expectations, this ability gives C Spire an added competitive advantage and helps keep customers happy. Everybody wins!

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