Consumers have choices. In the highly competitive field of asset and wealth management, it’s especially critical to get clients or advisors to connect to you, improve their client engagement, and help expedite their decision to invest.

Enterprise appointment scheduling can help your firm close asset and wealth management deals faster — by increases in high-quality meetings, transforming business operations and outcomes, and growing Assets Under Management (AUM). Automated appointment scheduling helps to support this pipeline, while at the same time reducing administrative burden and friction across the appointment scheduling experience — whether you are selling to external advisors or directly to consumers.

Appointment Scheduling in Wealth and Asset Management

Be there when customer attention is highest — whenever and wherever that is. When you make online appointment scheduling available to interested clients or prospective clients, they can book time with you the moment their interest is piqued — even if that is outside of business hours or in the middle of the night.

Omnichannel appointment scheduling lets clients and agents schedule meetings with you 24/7 and eliminates the tedious back-and-forth communications (or miscommunications) that can stall progress and sales. Integrate appointment scheduling into your firm’s digital channels, so that agents or customers can make appointments across any of your website pages, emails, or mobile apps. Providing this kind of convenience is particularly vital in asset and wealth management — where availability and convenience helps to build trust and maintain key lines of communication.

The Role of Appointment Scheduling in Asset and Wealth Management

Incorporate appointment scheduling into your asset and wealth management sales cycle for an array of benefits. Because it is self-serve and always available, automated scheduling can improve the number of high-quality meetings you set each week, streamline the administrative process, and increase your firm’s overall AUM.

Beyond that, automated appointment scheduling improves experiences for clients and advisors — reducing busywork and frustration, simplifying and personalizing, and even increasing client referrals due to superior overall experience.

User-Initiated Appointment Scheduling for Top-of-Funnel Lead Generation

Appointment scheduling lets clients initiate the scheduling process directly from your marketing materials and essentially lets them qualify themselves. The connection between meeting volume and net new relationships is profound — so the more meetings you automatically schedule, the higher the likelihood of winning more opportunities.

Routing Inquiries and Questions to the Right People

Appointment scheduling also allows for smart routing of digital inquiries, directing higher-tier prospects to senior wholesalers or agents, and lower-tier prospects to junior staffers. By automatically directing service requests based on current needs and historical activity, your hold times are reduced, and customer experience is improved across all channels.

5 Ways Wealth Managers Use Appointment Scheduling to Drive Advisor Productivity

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Connecting Opportunities Back to Campaigns for Pipeline Attribution

Appointment scheduling doesn’t just help you manage meetings—it also offers valuable insights into campaign effectiveness. Omnichannel appointment scheduling provides a digital record linking campaigns and the resulting meetings, facilitating easy tracking of engagement and allowing for robust reporting directly in the asset manager’s CRM system. This process aids in understanding which campaigns generate the most interest and convert most efficiently to meetings set.

Automated scheduling also offers transparency at the top of the funnel that can help your team improve — as you track scheduled meetings and analyze the responsiveness of your advisors. This helps you create more targeted outreach and ultimately leads to more AUM with lower operational expenses.

Automated Reminders and Easy Rescheduling

Among its many benefits, appointment scheduling allows for automated reminders and easy rescheduling. This automation reduces the likelihood of missed appointments and fosters an overall smoother scheduling experience. It reduces the friction commonly associated with appointment scheduling, providing an enhanced client experience.

Automating Follow-Up Prompts and Simplifying Follow-Up Appointment Scheduling

Often, meetings lead to additional questions or next steps that require further appointments. With omnichannel automated appointment scheduling, scheduling follow-up meetings becomes more frictionless. Clients or advisors can book subsequent appointments through a variety of communication channels, improving their overall experience and self-propelling through your pipeline.

Engageware’s User-friendly Appointment Scheduling for Asset and Wealth Management

With Engageware’s user-friendly appointment scheduler, you can effortlessly connect clients with the resources they need at a time and location that suits them.

The integration of appointment scheduling in asset and wealth management is transforming the industry, improving the customer experience, and enhancing sales cycles. Read more about how Engageware helps wealth and asset management firms support their AUM pipeline, in our white paper: 5 Ways Asset Management Companies Can Use Appointment Scheduling to Drive Productivity.

Want to see how Engageware Omnichannel Appointment Scheduling can support your team and grow your sales pipeline? Schedule a meeting with us, today.

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