As consumer comfort with digital interactions has dramatically increased, consumers now expect financial institutions — including those in the wealth management sector — to meet them digitally. Wealth management firms must tap into the convenience and personalization that comes by combining advisory relationships with new digital capabilities.

In general, the move to digital has been a positive combination for firms and clients alike. It has enhanced both operational efficiency and enabled firms to expand their impact without needing to drastically increase their headcount.

It has also elevated client experience — growing satisfaction and trust as clients can easily access the answers and advice they need — whenever and wherever they need it.

This is particularly true for institutions that have leveraged the power of appointment scheduling.

Relationships are the Backbone of Wealth Management

Relationships have always been a fundamental pillar of wealth management. When it comes to maximizing and protecting their wealth and financial prospects over the long term, consumers value personalized service, trust-building, and nurturing long-term connections.

Given the long-term nature of wealth management, maintaining a strong relationship between the advisor and the client is paramount. This relationship not only facilitates more effective wealth management but also aids in retaining and growing that wealth.

Appointment Banking: Your Newest MVP

Amid the new normal, appointment scheduling has become a wealth management firm’s best ally.

Rather than relying on cumbersome email threads or endless phone calls to set up a meeting, firms can provide a “schedule a meeting” button on a range of digital platforms, including email, websites, mobile apps, digital ads and even QR codes on physical posters. Clients can self-book appointments 24/7 across those channels for an intuitive, consistent, self-service digital experience. And both advisors and clients can set up appointments at their convenience — which feels much more consistent with the personalized relationships they are nurturing.

Using Appointment Banking to Foster New Relationships

Can appointment banking make new client relationships stronger? The short answer is yes. That’s because appointment banking is not just about convenience; it’s also a strategic tool to foster trust and build affinity. For new clients, the process of scheduling an appointment might be the first interaction with a wealth management firm. A smooth, user-friendly experience can move that process along without a hitch — and positively influence the firm’s ability to acquire new accounts.

But the benefits of appointment banking go beyond just booking meetings. They include rescheduling, reminders, follow-ups, and even automated triggers to encourage further engagement. The technology can send prompts, suggest next steps, and provide necessary information for upcoming meetings. This all contributes to the ongoing development of the relationship between advisor, firm and client — ensuring the client feel they are in good hands, before, during, and after engagements.

Appointment Scheduling Bolsters Existing Relationships

Appointment banking can also significantly enhance existing relationships. A cumbersome scheduling process can be a deterrent for both clients and busy advisors — leading to missed opportunities, miscommunication, and cancellations. By leveraging omnichannel appointment scheduling, firms can offer a more seamless, advisor-friendly experience.

Not only can you automate the scheduling process, but you put clients in control of choosing when and how they meet: whether in person, over the phone, or virtually. This makes meetings more efficient, effective, and focused on delivering value.

5 Ways Wealth Managers Can Use Appointment Scheduling to Drive Advisor Productivity

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Elevating Client Experience Through Appointment Banking

Appointment banking helps clients feel like they have a dedicated point of contact for follow-up meetings or questions — which enhances their overall customer experience. And by automating and personalizing reminders and follow-ups, you’ll make clients feel that your advisors are always accessible and available when needed — supporting a cadence of personal interactions that keeps clients engaged and satisfied.

Engageware Helps Transform Interest into Action

In an age where customer expectations are rapidly evolving, appointment banking is a game-changing strategy for wealth management firms. In streamlining the appointment scheduling process — you make it easy for advisors to connect with clients when they are most interested. Engageware’s Enterprise Appointment Scheduling and Scheduler for Salesforce ensure that clients can access the resources they need at the time and location that suits them. This also increases the efficiency and productivity of your teams, making the scheduling process automatic and reliable. With more efficient, focused meetings, appointment banking can help firms deliver a superior client experience, foster trust, and ultimately drive growth for wealth management services.

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