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Omnichannel Customer Service: How ADT Solves 97% of Customer Inquiries with Engageware

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Challenges and Goals

ADT blends cutting-edge technology and human resources to assist customers in critical moments. Their professional surveillance system safeguards against break-ins, theft, fires, and medical emergencies in homes, businesses, and companies.

Before implementing Engageware’s solutions, ADT encountered two major challenges:

  • Restricted Customer Service Hours:
    ADT faced limitations due to restricted operating hours, affecting the accessibility of their customer service.
  • Limited Simultaneous Inquiry Handling:
    The company could only address a limited number of inquiries simultaneously, leading to potential delays in customer support.
quote from the director of ADT contact center.

But when it comes to emergencies, they know that every second counts. That’s why they sought solutions to further improve customer service and effectively meet their needs.


Customer-Centric Approach: Elevating the Omnichannel Experience

After recognizing the importance of delivering personalized, empathetic, and efficient service, ADT prioritized the customer experience through an omnichannel and customer-centric strategy.

What does this decision entail? Placing customers at the core of every interaction and delivering consistent, high-quality service across digital communication channels.

To meet these expectations, ADT aimed to equip its employees with innovative technological tools that would help increase efficiency and productivity within their teams.

To kickstart their strategy and assist customers at any time, ADT turned to Engageware’s Virtual Assistant, an AI-driven conversational solution. ADT decided to name the assistant Olivia, infusing a human touch to create a sense of personal connection.

The implementation of Olivia marked a significant milestone, amplifying customer engagement and opening new growth opportunities for the company. The availability of 24/7 assistance, coupled with the elimination of wait times, provided swift and reliable support.

Olivia: Engageware’s AI Virtual Assistant Solving Problems 24/7

“The experience with Engageware’s virtual assistant was outstanding. The implementation and the learning process for using the tool were swift and straightforward.”
Gustavo Volonterio, Director of ADT Contact Center

With Olivia in place, ADT noticed a significant change in how they interact with customers.

Before embracing Engageware’s solutions, the company managed 300 customer interactions per month. With Olivia’s implementation, ADT now handles over 7,000 Interactions monthly, effectively addressing 97% of the inquiries received.

chart showing the numbers of ADT's monthly customer engagements before and after implementing Engageware

In essence, ADT successfully achieved its objective of providing an enhanced user experience with fast and seamless access to information through AI virtual assistant Olivia.

Following the successful launch of their internal content base, the primary challenge involved shaping the content into the optimal format for a virtual assistant.

A noteworthy feature developed for the AI-powered solution is the ability to implement native integrations dedicated to the customer experience. ADT not only achieved optimal content formatting but also doubled down on addressing different question types. This included transactional inquiries, such as billing and payment, reinforcing ADT’s omnichannel customer service strategy.

ADT went beyond importing content, empowering the virtual assistant to automate customer service processes and efficiently create and manage support tickets. As a result, the AI-powered virtual assistant is now trained to handle technical support, general inquiries, billing questions, and additional sales services.

However, its capabilities extend beyond these functions. Leveraging natural language processing, round-the-clock availability, and effective problem-solving, it contributes to customer loyalty and retention while generating new leads through a lead generation form.

In essence, the conversational AI solution guides customers in resolving their issues, delivering accurate, up-to-date, and instant information.

List of things ADT values most about Engageware's solutions

Looking Ahead

The future of ADT: Continuing to focus on the omnichannel strategy

In the future, ADT is set to maintain its commitment to their omnichannel strategy. Olivia, the virtual assistant, has significant projects on the horizon, including ongoing efforts to update its platform for enhanced efficiency and further process automation.

ADT envisions integrating new communication channels for their customers, along with plans to revamp their customer app, help center, and virtual office.

“We are guided by a customer-driven purpose, focused on the future and prioritizing the customer, offering cutting-edge products and technologies, and providing accessible contact channels.” 
Gustavo Volonterio, Director of ADT Contact Center

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About ADT
ADT is a leading company in security and alarm systems, with over 140 years of experience. Focusing on providing surveillance for a range of situations, including break-ins, theft, and fire or medical emergencies. Trusted by more than 215,000 individuals, ADT specializes in securing homes, businesses, and companies through a professional monitoring system managed by experts 24/7.

ADT is a customer of Aivo, an Engageware company, leveraging solutions across Latin America.

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