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Staley Credit Union and Engageware Deliver Digital Support to Members’ Fingertips in Less than 30 Days

If you asked Blake E. Wallace, AVP of Member Services at Staley Credit Union, how Engageware met or exceeded his expectations, we would guess he would tell you in these five ways… OK, full transparency — we did ask him and here’s what he told us, and wants you to know.

#1 Engageware Customer Self-Service is exactly what we needed to achieve our goal of “help members help themselves.”

“We always wanted a feature on our website that delivered information straight to members’ fingertips, especially off hours. We found exactly that in Engageware Customer Self-Service.” – Blake E. Wallace, AVP Member Services at Staley CU

In their search for solutions that could help them achieve this, Blake and his team searched for terms like 24/7 member support, FAQs, and website search. 

When they came across Engageware’s Customer Self-Service, they found not only a product, but a service that “is the epitome of helping our members help themselves. There’s no other service that can speak to that. Members type in a question, they get their answer, and then they move along with their day,” shares Blake.

#2 Engageware delivers on exactly what they promise – including a fast and seamless implementation – in less than 30 days!

From the onset of conversations with Engageware, it’s safe to say Blake was a bit skeptical of the claim that the implementation would require minimal work from the client side, and would be launched within 30 days. 

“When Engageware said Customer Self-Service could be up in three to four weeks, I prepared for about two months. But it actually took about three weeks – exactly what they said. I was shocked by how quick implementation was. That’s a testament to how easy Engageware makes it for their customers. They made it super seamless for us and we didn’t have to do much. That enabled us to launch it extremely fast on the website.” – Blake E. Wallace, AVP Member Services at Staley CU

#3 Engageware does the majority of the work for you. Really.

Most people don’t believe us when we tell them that the work to get Customer Self-Service up and running on their end will be minimal. Even our friend, Blake, at Staley CU had a hard time taking our word for it, but he was glad he did!

“We were told during the initial demo that Engageware would provide all the content, and truth be told, that was hard for me to believe. I fully expected I’d have to write a ton of content and do a lot of updating, but Engageware made it really easy. By the time we had our first meeting, Engageware had a spreadsheet with all the proposed questions and answers. Instead of us having to create something from scratch, all we had to do was polish what they had already done.” – Blake E. Wallace, AVP Member Services at Staley CU

Help your customers to help themselves

See Customer Self-Service

#4 Engageware’s product is great, but it’s service is even better.

In his due diligence process vetting the solution, Blake sought a reference from a current Engageware customer and in speaking with them, heard great things about Engageware, particularly that the service is as straightforward as it sounds, and that it offers exactly what it says it will offer. 

“The thing that stood out the most was the rave reviews given about Engageware’s staff and that turned out to be 100% true in our own experience. Every time I had an issue, or anything that I would need, implemented or changed or done in general, I would reach out, and not only would I get a super fast response, but it was always a solution to my problem. Everyone at Engageware is always friendly. The service has just been awesome. I can’t say enough about their service.” – Blake E. Wallace, AVP Member Services at Staley CU

#5 Working with Engageware is unlike working with any other banking technology vendor.

As AVP of Member Services for Staley CU for nearly 7 years, you can imagine Blake has dealt with his fair share of products, services and vendors to continuously improve the member experience.

So much so, that he’s even developed his own calibration technique to calculate how long it will take a vendor to deliver something — it’s usually 2x longer than they say it will. 

Engageware actually delivered on what they promised. And that goes from how easy it was to set up, to how the solution looks once it’s implemented on your digital channel, to how it works. Everything they promise they 100% delivered on. In working with a lot of different vendors in the past, I can say that’s not something every vendor does.” – Blake E. Wallace, AVP Member Services at Staley CU

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