February 29, 2024

Engageware Launches Advanced SMS and WhatsApp Capabilities to Transform B2B Digital Communications

BOSTON, MA – February 29, 2024 – Engageware is thrilled to announce enhancements to its digital communications offerings, reinforcing digital communication as a key pillar of its product. This update introduces SMS and WhatsApp texting functionalities, enabling banks, credit unions, retailers, and businesses of all sizes to significantly elevate their engagement strategies.

These latest updates provide access to a unique platform that allows departments across any organization to send personalized offers to individual customers or engage entire communities with strategic promotional campaigns. Furthermore, the platform offers channels that enable companies to effortlessly create one-time campaigns, recurring messaging, or two-way messaging via SMS campaigns, enhancing their ability to communicate directly and effectively with their audience.

“Given that 97% of Americans engage in text messaging, it’s clear that adopting this communication channel is no longer optional—it’s essential.  Our expertise in customer engagement highlights how personalized communication boosts demand and strengthens customer relationships,” said Nina Vellayan, Engageware’s CEO.

With the launch of Engage, the communication platform designated for SMS and WhatsApp channels, companies can now forge stronger connections with customers. This user-friendly platform, requiring no coding skills, enables departments across organizations to deliver personalized offers to individuals or initiate strategic promotional campaigns for broader communities

Additionally, the update includes advanced analytics and reporting features that enable organizations to adopt a data-driven strategy for assessing and enhancing campaign performance and contributes to achieving high deliverability and engagement. This advantage empowers organizations to make informed decisions, improving campaign success and elevating customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Customer Engagement with Proactive Messaging Tools

Highlighted by recent industry research*, companies leveraging SMS and WhatsApp campaigns have seen remarkable outcomes, with an open rate of 98% and an impressive conversion rate of 4.95%, underscoring the effectiveness of these communication channels in today’s digital landscape.

Engage significantly amplifies customer outreach and drives sales conversions. Its compelling campaigns, personalized offers, early deals, and exclusive access captivate the audience, fostering higher conversion rates.

Moving into customer service optimization, automated notifications and tailored communication tools further elevate customer experiences. This comprehensive solution customizes member journeys through automated alerts, personalized product information, timely scheduling updates, and the collection of valuable customer feedback. By addressing individual needs and fostering meaningful interactions, Engage facilitates enduring customer relationships, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty.

Engage’s Role in Global Financial Services

Internationally, Engage has already demonstrated its efficacy. Fabián Mealla, Digital Banking Manager at Comafi Bank, notes, “By assisting customers with Engage, we were able to identify customers and offer them a comprehensive transactional offer. This approach effectively addresses 80% of the most frequent queries in a single interaction.”

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About Engageware
Engageware, a leading provider of customer engagement solutions powered by conversational and generative AI, ensures businesses address customer needs promptly. Our platform offers automated responses, access to knowledge bases, and insights into the customer journey. The acquisition of Aivo has expanded our clientele to over 700 organizations across various sectors, enhancing sales, customer experience, and service automation while reducing call center demands. The platform supports seamless channel transitions and provides valuable analytics for informed business growth. Engageware is a portfolio company of Clearhaven Partners.

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