May 7, 2020

Altamaha Bank & Trust Implements SilverCloud’s Customer Self-Service to Elevate Experience, Engagement for Customers

Rural community bank drives digital adoption with automated self-service tool

Portsmouth, N.H., May 07, 2020 – SilverCloud, Inc., the only support solution built exclusively for the financial services industry, today announced Altamaha Bank & Trust has implemented the company’s Customer Self-Service solution to provide customers with 24/7 automated self-service across all digital channels. With this solution, customers are guided through the website, mobile and online banking avenues with consistent, engaging answers via search, contextual FAQ widgets and chatbot.

Prior to partnering with SilverCloud, Vidalia, Georgia-based Altamaha Bank & Trust was looking for a solution that would help manage customer inquiries, decrease call volumes, and provide the kind of support customers were looking for – at the time and place of their choosing.  Additionally, the bank had recently launched a new website and wanted to add a more robust search feature that would enable customers to easily and quickly find answers to commonly asked questions,  general updates and announcements from the bank, as well as step-by-step tutorials (including videos) explaining the process to complete various transactions and demonstrating new products or services.

John A. Tyson, chief financial officer at Altamaha Bank & Trust, said, “Even before COVID-19 disrupted our normal operations, we wanted to provide our customers  tools that would enable them to find the answers to questions without having to call or visit a branch. We wanted a solution that was effortless for our customers to use and that provided an engaging, seamless experience. SilverCloud met all of our requirements and now with the influx of questions that are arising, they have proven to be invaluable. Prior to the pandemic, many of our customers were reluctant to try digital banking. However, the support provided from SilverCloud’s solution not only eased our customers’ apprehensions, but made the process so easy that adoption and usage of our digital tools has quickly risen.”

With the SilverCloud Customer Self-Service solution, consumers can easily find information using a familiar search bar that can be deployed across all channels as well as via chatbot. Search results appear in a Google-like list, allowing consumers to easily find the information they are seeking. And since SilverCloud developed more than 100 custom answers that follows its proprietary 3A methodology: Answer the question, provide additional information, and present clear calls to action, the customer is engaged in a more rewarding experience.  The support center is available within the mobile banking app, as well as in online banking (before and after the PIN) to ensure customers can easily access information they need via chatbot, contextual widgets and links to SilverCloud hosted results pages.

Tyson continued, “SilverCloud was very diligent and disciplined with us to ensure there were not any issues with our implementation. They did all of the heavy-lifting and because of their depth of knowledge regarding a bank’s unique operations, we rolled the Customer Support solution out in less than 30 days.  Our customer inquiries have gone up significantly since the pandemic began but having an automated self-service solution has reduced the inevitable friction in the transition for both our banking staff and customers. It has become a necessary and crucial link between our bank and our customers during this time.”

SilverCloud’s Customer Self-Service is designed specifically for financial institutions and includes a rich set of support features and content that addresses the unique needs, processes and compliance requirements of banks like Altamaha. It guides customers by proactively providing recommendations, logical next steps, and contextual support so that customers can easily access information without undue burden on a contact center. And since 54 percent of questions are asked on nights and weekends, the solution helps to create a more engaging and effective customer experience.

SilverCloud CEO Scott Cornell said, “Support solutions should not be one size fits all, and we understand that financial institutions have unique needs, processes and compliance requirements. SilverCloud’s support platform focuses exclusively on banks and credit unions to ensure regulatory compliance, accuracy, and effective support across all channels. We are proud to provide Altamaha Bank & Trust with the tools to reduce support costs and friction, while elevating the customer experience – especially during this unexpected business shift.”

About SilverCloud
SilverCloud, headquartered in Portsmouth, NH, is a leading provider of support solutions built exclusively for banks and credit unions. Trusted by more than 200 financial institutions, SilverCloud helps banks and credit unions deliver better support to reduce costs and improve experience by automating the creation, management and delivery of knowledge. Easy to implement and maintain, SilverCloud ensures satisfaction and a tangible ROI.