This Engage with Bankers’ session features OnPoint Community Credit Union’s Aimee Ten Eyck-Schaffer, Organization Procedure Consultant. OnPoint has been an Engageware customer for 6 years and Aimee is tasked with managing the Employee Knowledge Management solution on a day-to-day basis.

Aimee speaks about OnPoint’s knowledge base (what they call InfoCenter) usage:

  • How they first set it up 
  • What they have since changed  
  • How they manage their knowledge base content 
  • Landing pages 
  • Handle their categories 
  • Utilize decision trees to promote self-service among employees 
  • Implementing a retail support line 

“We were moving from housed procedures on our public drive and moving to Engageware’s google like search. We felt like that would be a lot better of an experience for employees being able to access their resources from the different branches.” 

– Aimee Ten Eyck-Schaffer, Organization Procedure Consultant
at OnPoint Community Credit Union

Looking to improve your credit union knowledge base? Learn more about Employee Knowledge Management>

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