Enabling consumers and businesses to schedule over one billion appointments is no small feat. As the saying goes, “it takes a village” and the same can be said for this occasion. It takes a village of smart, passionate and dedicated employees to build, maintain, and enhance the world’s leading appointment scheduling solution. 

Meet some of the long-time employees of Engageware who have helped make this happen.

Bill Bohen

SVP, Customer Success

Bill has led Engageware’s Client Services organization since 2007, responsible for the company’s customer success, support, and professional services. With more than 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of enterprise software, Bill oversees a talented team of implementation and support professionals who day in and day out, help hundreds of organizations optimize engagement with their customers.

“One billion is a staggering number and an amazing achievement! When we first pioneered online appointment scheduling, our goal was to convince customers of the value of appointments. We didn’t imagine scheduling over one billion appointments, but I guess we succeeded in our goal. Engageware now has hundreds of customers who depend on us 24x7x365 to support their organization with appointments!” 

Cindy Crowley

VP, Finance & Administration

Cindy leads the finance and human resources functions for Engageware. In her 10 years with the company, she has enjoyed being part of its growth and evolution into a leading customer engagement solution.

“Engageware is helping hundreds of brands improve their customer experience. One billion appointments means that hundreds of millions of transactions have been created, thereby significantly growing our customers’ revenue, and yielding a tremendous return on their investment in our appointment scheduling solution.”

Andrew Dunn

Product Manager 

Andrew brings fun, energy, and a drive for results to the Product Team. As a Product Manager, Andrew is focused on building products that help banks and credit unions improve their customer experiences and increase efficiency internally.

Fun Fact: Andrew and his wife recently had their first child and are relishing all the joy a newborn brings into the world.

“I am excited for the future of Engageware. One billion appointments demonstrate our commitment to helping organizations deliver exceptional customer engagement and service, and their success in doing so.”

Neeraj Dwivedi

Principal Database Engineer 

Neeraj has been working with databases for more than 14 years. His primary responsibility is to make the database server instances faster and highly available. When he’s not performance tuning, Neeraj helps fellow developers and engineers build fast, robust and scalable solutions.

Fun Fact: Neeraj first joined Engageware for a short-term project and liked the company’s work culture and product so much that he’s been here since.

“Through Appointment Scheduling, we can touch the lives of so many people by helping them reach the right person; whether it’s a doctor, a loan specialist, a retail consultant, or a schoolteacher who is ready to help them with their needs. Every appointment booked is time saved for the person booking the appointment and the company with whom the appointment is made.”

Carlos Flores

Lead Support Engineer

As the Team Lead Support Engineer on the client services team, Carlos is focused on ensuring his team has what they need to provide great customer support.

Fun Fact: Carlos is an award-winning Nashville recording artist! He has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in Modern Country, studied jazz with some of the world’s top jazz fusion players, but is still a rocker at heart.

“I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that I am part of a team that has been at the forefront of our industry. We have become an integral part of the appointment scheduling landscape, with one billion appointments created. We are the leaders!” 

Angie Khayami

Principle Application Consultant

As a Principle Application Consultant, Angie’s mission is understanding a customer’s business requirements and work orders, helping customers implement best practices, and providing customers project updates to meet their goals. 

Fun Facts: Angie’s favorite winter sport is skiing; hiking in other seasons.  She loves animals and has 4 grand dogs and 2 grand kittens. She has grand animals day monthly. 

“One billion appointments, what an awesome milestone! I am beyond proud to be a part of a company that efficiently connects organizations with millions of consumers.” 

John Loring

Chief Technologist & Co-Founder

John is a cofounder of Engageware. Over the last 20 years, he has provided integral technology vision and direction to the company. His hands-on experience managing the development of computer hardware and software products.

“A billion appointments, that’s a really big number — three commas! A benchmark that’s extremely hard to achieve… We’ve reached one billion and are still going strong… I’m happy to have been part of it since the beginning and am grateful to all the people whose contributions over the years were essential to our success!” 

Chris Lynch

Senior Product Manager

Chris’ career at Engageware has spanned numerous years and various roles within the solutions and product teams. In her current role as Senior Product Manager, Chris works with customers and prospects to ascertain the needs of their industry to deliver a product that meets or exceeds their requirements. This includes providing continuous enhancements to the security of the system, providing an updated concierge experience, and making it easier for users to administer changes to their system.

Fun Fact: Chris loves to travel the world and is looking forward to her next trip to Australia.

“Knowing that we’ve helped organizations schedule one billion appointments makes me excited and a bit nostalgic. I have worked with and seen so many customers grow over the years. Our company growth has been tremendous; we started when online appointment scheduling was virtually non-existent and look where we are now – a leader in the market that’s expanded well beyond appointments. Engageware’s software is used by some of the largest banking and retail names in the world.”

Just how much does one billion appointments amount to? See for yourself in this appointment infographic

Engageware has successfully enabled customers to schedule over one billion appointments with hundreds of organizations. Learn more about the high-value customer engagement opportunities that are unlocked with the world’s leading appointment scheduling solution

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