It is official – over one billion appointments have been scheduled on Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling solution! 

The scheduling of more than one billion appointments is a momentous occasion demonstrating the increased demand for appointment scheduling and just how instrumental the technology has become in providing customers a more personalized, engaging experience. It is evident how much consumers have latched onto the practice of scheduling when you consider the following representation of the sheer scope of one billion: 

  • On average, each appointment lasts thirty-nine minutes. Therefore, one billion appointments equate to more than 74,200 years or over 27 million days’ worth of scheduled customer interactions.  
  • Over 300,000 appointments are made each day.
  • At the current rate, that equates to about four appointments booked every second on Engageware’s platform, across more than 500 organizations! 

Here are a few interesting stats on how consumers have come to adopt appointment scheduling: 

  • 2021 was the highest appointment volume year on record – perhaps not a surprise given the increasing proliferation of appointments necessary in today’s pandemic society. 
  • Appointment volume by industry: 
  • Most appointments are scheduled for mid-day Friday, coinciding with most people’s “lunch” break. 
    • The most popular appointment time is noon, followed by 11AM, 2PM, 1PM and 3PM. 
    • Appointments are most likely to be scheduled for a Friday, followed by Tuesdays and Mondays.
  • While most appointments are pre-scheduled, Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling also allows businesses to track and queue walk-in appointments – providing a complete picture of customer engagement.
  • Consider this… It took approximately 18 years for the first 500 million appointments to be scheduled on Engageware’s software, but just four years for the second 500 million appointments. The growth is truly exponential! 

Business Impact 

After more than 20 years of scheduling appointments via Engageware’s technology and know-how, the world’s best-known organizations across banking, healthcare, specialty retail and technology have facilitated hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue and profits.

For every appointment conveniently and seamlessly booked by Engageware, approximately 15 minutes are saved in back-and-forth manual scheduling. This results in 250 million hours of productivity saved across one billion appointments!

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