When it comes to appointment scheduling, customers and employees alike want an easy-to-use, feature-rich experience. To that end, having a top of the line online booking system for business specifically is becoming a bigger priority for enterprise-level companies. While choosing the best appointment booking system may seem straightforward, there are more factors to consider than you might realize. To help you decide which scheduling tool is best for your business needs, we put together a quick guide.

Is There a Free Scheduling App?

Technically, there are free scheduling services and apps available. The catch is that you often get what you pay for. So, in the case of a free experience, you are likely missing out on several of the key features and benefits listed below. This can result in lower employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately a disappointing bottom line. Instead of focusing on price, highlight the value you gain from the scheduling solution you choose that is secure and can scale to meet all of your business requirements.

What Is the Best Appointment Booking System?

Simply put, the best appointment booking system is that one that fits your needs. Whether you are looking for the best scheduling app or the best scheduling software, the most important thing to consider is what features you need and want, not necessarily whether or not it’s free.

Some scheduling platforms offer basic features, but are not deliberately designed for everyday use by enterprise-level organizations or their customers. At Engageware on the other hand, we specifically developed an advanced scheduling system that can automate manual tasks to help you connect with your customers more efficiently. So, what makes a scheduling platform the best? Let’s take a look.

  1. Ease of Use: The first step is finding a platform that is easy for employees, clients, and prospects to use. Above many other criteria, ease of use goes a long way in defining the customer and employee experience. As such, prioritizing a simple and intuitive solution that requires little to no training is ideal.
  2. 1-on-1 and Team Meetings: External scheduling is important, but it’s not the only thing to consider when looking for the right solution for your appointment booking needs. Manage and organize your internal 1-on-1 and team meetings by displaying your personal availability with only the times that everyone else is also available.
  3. Appointment Routing: It’s critical to match each appointment with the appropriate resource. The best scheduling solutions will do this by pairing customers with the best qualified employee for their needs.
  4. Automated Reminders: Booking an appointment is one thing, but following through is another. Reduce your no-show rates and ensure customer satisfaction with customized appointment reminders and follow ups.
  5. Configurable Rules: It’s critical for businesses to be able to set rules and limits. With the right scheduling solution you can configure your own rules, set timeframes, and create appointment limits.
  6. CRM Connector: Not only is it important to get data from your booking platform, it’s also important to have seamless integration with your CRM. That way, you can be confident any data captured during the booking process (and the impact it might have on your sales) makes its way straight to your CRM.
  7. Custom Availability: It’s helpful to be able to set up customized availability to match your offerings. This could include being fully open, offering rolling availability, setting date ranges, or even listing specific dates and times.
  8. Omnichannel Scheduling Experience: The best appointment scheduling tools allow you to connect with current and prospective clients and customers wherever they are. Engageware provides the opportunity to book appointments from mobile devices, web browsers, customer-facing applications, email, and search making it easy and convenient to book appointments across every channel.
  9. Personal Calendar Sync: It seems like everyone has at least one personal calendar these days. Trying to keep track of everyone and coordinate multiple schedules can be difficult. With powerful scheduling tools like Engageware, you can stay up to date with your whole team’s personal calendars via two-way integration with most calendar systems.
  10. Pooled Resource Management: Trying to manage multiple calendars can be tedious and frankly inefficient. Instead, maximize appointment availability by dynamically posting employee availability to avoid double bookings in an easy to read calendar.
  11. Reporting and Analytics: Data and insights are critical to any business. Your scheduling solution should provide clear insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, from acquisition to post-appointment engagement.
  12. Smart Matching: Every appointment or customer might require a different set of needs. A top platform like Engageware automatically matches the requirements of each appointment request with the right team member based on skills, location and availability.
  13. Web/Video Conferencing: Virtual appointments are becoming more and more popular. The best scheduling platforms have taken that into consideration by creating unique and private web conference meetings automatically for any appointment type, as needed.
  14. Security and Scalability: The best appointment scheduling platform offers unparalleled security measures combined with 99.9% uptime reliability for organizations that need a highly scalable and secure solution.

If you care about having a secure, scalable, engaging, and downright simple scheduling tool, then look no further than Engageware. Schedule a call to learn more about the Engageware difference today!

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