Banks and Credit Unions must provide a way for banking consumers to find the answers they need beyond normal business hours of eight to five, Monday through Friday.
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Banking is no longer Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. What happens when customers lose their debit card at dinner on a Friday night? Or see fraudulent activity on their account on a Saturday morning? Or find their dream home at an open house on a Sunday afternoon? Life happens 24 hours, around the clock. Customers expect service and prompt resolution, beyond normal “banking hours.”  Imagine what would happen if your debit card was lost after-hours? Could you find the right answers for what to do next, or would you have to wait until the next business day? Could you afford to wait that long?

The challenge – how do you create an experience that empowers banking consumers to find the answers they need or easily schedule time for personalized service without staffing your branch and contact centers 24/7?

The digital customer service revolution has preached the concept of quickly connecting digital banking consumers to humans – via live chat and video banking. But what happens after-hours when your staff isn’t there?

A $472 million credit union located in the southeast summed it up perfectly

“As a medium-sized credit union, we don’t have the budget to fully staff nights, weekends, and holidays.  We are limited to Monday through Friday, eight to five. We need an economic solution for us to provide members with answers on their own time.​”

Providing an economic solution for after-hours support

Providing after-hours support without human assistance requires a solution that can handle hundreds of millions of banking interactions.   

Did you know:

  • 70% of bank product research occurs on nights and weekends when your staff isn’t available to answer questions. Do you offer a way for consumers to schedule time to ensure they get the proper assistance and follow-through they need?
  • 30% of digital banking questions occur within mobile banking applications. Does your mobile banking application offer a robust FAQs section?
  • 55% of digital banking questions start from search. Do you offer a search feature that provides actionable answers with no dead ends?
  • 21% of digital banking questions start via chatbot or virtual assistant. If you only offer a chatbot, what happens to the other 79% of inquiries?
  • 24% of digital banking questions rely on on-page FAQs. Are you optimizing your key product, technology, and support pages with actionable FAQs?

“We needed a way for members to self-serve”

Learn how Members Credit Union uses Engageware’s Customer Self-Service solution to help members find the answers they need beyond normal operating hours.

Allow consumers to bank on their schedule and not yours

Without a solution to serve banking consumers on nights, weekends, and holidays – you are requiring your customers to bank on your schedule rather than working at a timeframe best suited to their needs.

With Engageware’s After-Hours solution, your customers can easily get the answers they need and take that next step for common after-hours needs:

  • Learn how to use features in mobile and online banking for the first time – from checking balances, to transferring money, seamlessly provide them with step-by-step guides that answer the common digital banking questions.
  • Give step-by-step guides for what to do in emergency situations such as lost or stolen cards, or fraudulent activity. Quickly describe the steps to report and deactivate so customers have the peace of mind they need until they are able to reach someone during normal banking hours.
  • Allow customers to take the next step on product research when more information is needed. Allow them to easily research online on nights and weekends, and prompt them to schedule an appointment for a deeper discussion with your specialist.

Engageware’s After-Hours Support Solution

Allow customers to get self-service answers 24/7 or easily schedule an appointment for situations that require personalized service. Up and running in weeks, delivering results instantly. Interested in learning more? Schedule a time to meet with us >

Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling solution helps you create higher-value interactions that connect customers with the right person in your organization at the right time. Learn more >

Engageware’s Customer Self-Service solution helps your customers help themselves – while reducing call volumes and customer frustration. Learn more >

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