Benefits of using an Online Appointment Calendar

An online appointment calendar provides the ability for users to schedule meetings or appointments without the hassle of calling in only get an answering machine or to be put on hold. With online appointment calendars, your customers can simply schedule an appointment over the internet on their own time. With Engageware, you can integrate an online appointment calendar into your own website to offer your customers a convenient 24/7 scheduling service with automated reminders.

Online Appointment Calendar Basics

You may have already used an online appointment scheduling software to set an appointment to meet with a doctor, a tax preparer, or local bank. More and more businesses nowadays are utilizing this technology to improve efficiency as well as customer experience. Scheduling an appointment through a company or organization’s online calendar is similar to booking a hotel or a dinner reservation online. Simply access the appointment calendar on the company or organization’s website and follow the prompts. By clicking on the “schedule a appointment” button, you can view the availability of your bank, accountant, or retail store. All you will need to do is click on the date and time you wish to schedule your meeting. What’s more, Engageware’s online web scheduling software will automatically send out a confirmation email reminding your customers of their appointments

Appointment Scheduling

User Benefits using Omnichannel Scheduling

For users, the benefits of scheduling an appointment online are many. Living in today’s fast paced society often means that our days (and nights) will be filled with responsibilities that can’t be ignored. There may be days where your customers or prospects will find it difficult to find the time call in to schedule an appointment with you, and the thought of being put on hold or sent to an automated menu dissuades them from even picking up the phone. Omnichannel appointment scheduling can help make it easier for your customers to meet with you 24/7 across any channel. Online scheduling software often allows the user to fill out information forms online before attending the appointment, which can help you be better prepared for them before they arrive.

Convenience: schedule any time, 24/7 from your computer or smart phone

No time wasted “on-hold” waiting to speak with a customer service associate

Ability to schedule recurring availability quickly and easily

Can’t Meet In-Person? No Problem. Engageware helps you easily schedule and deliver a personalized experience virtually.

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Online Scheduling Software Benefits Businesses

Offering online appointment calendars on your website can streamline your scheduling system by automating the process of setting up appointments and sending out reminders while improving communication with your clients. Plus, the automated reminder emails that are sent out to your clients can help reduce the no-show rate. It also reduces the time spent on making calls for appointment reminders and rescheduling no-shows. Many businesses and organizations have been able to reduce their number of “no-shows” for appointments by using online scheduling software.

Another useful feature of scheduling software is that it is customizable. Your online calendar can be set with “padding” time to account for appointments that may run late. When offered, online appointment scheduling can improve interactions between you and your customers, giving your company a competitive edge!