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How Innovative Scheduling Solutions Transformed Lowell Five Bank into a Customer-Centric Leader

Challenges and Goals

Improving internal coordination and embracing digital trends

Headquartered in Tewksbury, Lowell Five Bank is a prominent financial institution with nearly $1.7 billion in assets, over 200 employees, and 15 banking center locations throughout the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire. The bank is dedicated to finding innovative ways to enhance customer service and streamline operations across its departments, including retail banking, deposit operations, business banking services, and digital banking.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the urgency for a robust remote appointment scheduling system. Additionally, communication gaps between the call center and branches fragmented the customer journey, hindering smooth transitions from phone inquiries to in-person appointments. The bank also needed to adapt to the growing trend of digital banking and integrate a solution compatible with its evolving digital infrastructure.

To address these challenges, Lowell Five aimed to improve appointment management efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction by offering a seamless booking experience, ensure better internal coordination, and provide a call to action for website visitors outside of regular business hours. After thorough research, they chose Engageware to achieve these goals.


In late 2019, Lowell Five implemented Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling Solution. This system allowed customers to book appointments through the bank’s website, selecting the time, location, and department relevant to their needs. The benefits were multiple: not only did automatic appointment reminders reduce no-shows and improve punctuality, but employees could also prepare in advance for appointments, knowing the specific needs of the customers.

Led by Chief Banking Officer Alison Kalman, the solution also facilitated better internal coordination. The call center could set up appointments directly for customers, ensuring a seamless transition. Integration with the bank’s CRM system (Salesforce) was explored to consolidate customer data and appointment information. Additionally, a customer survey feedback system provided insights for continuous improvement.

Optimizing Call Center Operations and Driving Business Growth

Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling Solution has been crucial for Lowell Five in navigating modern banking challenges. By streamlining appointment management and improving internal coordination, the bank has solidified its reputation as a customer-centric institution.

Furthermore, the solution has played a pivotal role in optimizing staffing efficiency. It ensures the availability of the right talent resources for customer assistance, enhancing the overall service delivery. This strategic alignment of skilled staff with customer needs not only improves the customer experience but also drives business growth by effectively managing service expectations and increasing operational agility.

The customer service center now efficiently handles a high volume of calls, setting up appointments without delays and ensuring smooth transitions between departments. This seamless process has improved operations, customer service, and positioned the bank as a leader in customer-centric innovation.

Enhanced Employee Efficiency

Engageware’s solution has led to a notable reduction in scheduling conflicts and administrative workload, resulting in higher employee productivity. With a more organized appointment system, employees can focus on providing personalized service rather than managing logistics. Customers benefit from the ease of booking appointments and reduced wait times, which boosts their overall satisfaction. Improved coordination between the call center and branches creates a more cohesive and efficient customer experience, positively impacting employee performance and morale.

Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

The feedback system integrated with Engageware’s solution provides Lowell Five with actionable insights that drive their digital transformation strategy. Data collected from the appointment system helps identify peak times and service demands, allowing for optimized resource allocation and planning. This data-driven approach ensures the bank can continuously refine its operations, highlighting higher volume appointment types and identifying potential customer pain points, and service offerings to meet evolving customer needs, reinforcing its commitment to excellence in service delivery.

Future Plans and Advice for Success

Lowell Five plans to further integrate Engageware’s solution with its CRM system and explore additional features to enhance service delivery and operational efficiency. The bank looks forward to a sustained partnership with Engageware, leveraging ongoing innovations to stay ahead in the competitive banking landscape.

Alison encourages other institutions to consider similar solutions for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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