Information that is easily found

The reason most knowledge bases fail isn’t because of technology – it’s how the content is loaded, structured and managed. With Engageware’s knowledge management services, we ensure all your content, at launch and ongoing, follow our best practices that ensure information is easily found.

Knowledge that’s loaded and optimized for you

Ensure content is not only up to date, but easily found by your employees and even easier to follow. Our knowledge management services handles the hardest part of knowledge management – managing the knowledge

Engageware took everything that we gave them, and they just ran with it. I thought, “it cannot be this easy, can it?”

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

Information that is easily used

Finding the information is only half the battle – information has to be easily followed to ensure your employees keep coming back. Leveraging our procedure builder, we remove content from long pdfs and word docs and break them down into usable instructions that allow users to find exactly what they need with the clarity to ensure they use it, time and time again.

See how Arizona Federal Credit Union freed up key go-to people by ensuring employees get answers from their intranet