Knowledge that’s loaded and optimized for you

The reason most knowledge bases fail isn’t because of technology – it’s how the content is loaded, structured and managed. With Engageware’s knowledge management services, we load all of your policies, procedures, and product information, following our best practices that ensure information is easily found. Once launched, we are here to help maintain the content to ensure information is always up to date. No work orders, no statements of work – just a service that is included so your employees have the information they need when they need it most.

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Information that is easily found

Ensure content is not only up to date, but easily found by your employees and even easier to follow. Our knowledge management services handles the hardest part of knowledge management – managing the knowledge

Engageware took everything that we gave them, and they just ran with it. I thought, “it cannot be this easy, can it?”

Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union

Information that is easily used

Finding the right answer is only half the battle – it has to be easily followed to ensure your employees keep coming back. Leveraging our procedure builder, we remove content from long pdfs and word docs and break them down into usable instructions that allow users to find exactly what they need with the clarity to ensure they use it, time and time again.

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We Implement Our Knowledge Management Best Practices For You

Break Down

Make your content easy to consume

Content is broken down to enhance searchability and for ease of consumption into what we refer to as the smallest executable unit. This ensures that content is easily digestible and ultimately allows the user to complete a task, without breaking it down so far that the user must search for the information they need.


Make your content more effective

Content should be linked to supporting documents and other related articles when appropriate to give the user a seamless experience. All materials they will need to complete a task will be easily reached without them being forced to use another tool or perform another search.

“The go-to spot for any question an employee might have”

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Make your content consistent

Ensure the format is consistent and standardized throughout the knowledgebase. This is vital in reinforcing to employees that this is a cohesive solution. It help builds confidence in the knowledge base and drives more efficient work as employees get familiar with a consistent structure and layout.


Make your content easy to find

Content is accurately described so users know what to expect before they click. Titles should be descriptive enough so that the user knows exactly what they are clicking while still being short and to the point. This equips employees with useful information prior to clicking, ensuring they land at the desired policy or procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Engageware’s knowledge service work?

As part of our annual contract, Engageware provides knowledge services that assists with your team to maintain and update all policies, procedures and relevant information that will be loaded into Engageware’s Employee Knowledge Management solution.  Our knowledge team initially loads, structures, and optimizes all content to ensure it follows our best practices:

  • Searchability – easy-to-find answers based on proper titling, answer optimization and categorization
  • Usability – breaking down complicated procedures into easy-to-follow answers that utilize the Procedure Builder
  • Manageability – ensuring that all related policies, procedures and documents are properly labeled, linked and easy to manage from a single source.

In addition to the initial policy and procedure structuring, optimization, and loading, Engageware provides ongoing content maintenance services that includes updates to existing content as well as the creation of new content.

Is Engageware’s knowledge service included in the annual contract?

Yes, our knowledge service is included in our annual contract. We learned a long time that the only way to ensure success with knowledge management was to ensure the knowledge is properly managed. The best technology in the world can’t solve knowledge management alone – it requires a focus on actually managing the knowledge. Having worked with banks and credit unions for 20+ years we have realized that many did not have the internal resources that could be dedicated to managing the knowledge. For the last 10+ years we have offered this service and seen the success it is has had for the 350+ banks and credit union customers.

Does Engageware write our policies and procedures?

No – we don’t write policies and procedures. We take all of the information that you have  – from word documents, pdfs, training guides and break them down, and then load, structure and optimize. What we have found is that the process of organizing all of this information, and then getting user feedback uncovers where the holes are, allowing your team the visibility into what to focus on next.