Easily Update & Manage

As part of our contract, Engageware imports employee information to enable your employees to search for coworkers, functions, skills, and departments. Information is loaded, edited, and published like other content types that the Engageware team completes for you.

Employee Directory provides an easy and efficient way to easily find the right person in the right department or location.

As remote work increases, the need to stay connected, and quickly find the right person or subject matter expert has never been greater. Engageware Employee Directory, one of our most popular add-ons, provides a quick way to find people and functions.

Customize Based on Your Needs

Customize your employee directory based on your institution’s needs – both the information you want to share and how users need to search and find roles and people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Engageware have templates I can chose from?

Yes, we offer three different templates that we customize based on your institution’s brand (colors, fonts, logos etc.) as well as the information that you chose to display and how you want to categorize (by location, by department etc.).

Do we have to maintain the information?

You are able to if you want, but Engageware can manage as part of our annual contract. We provide a file upload template that is updated and then our team completes all requested changes as employee updates are needed.