A knowledge base built for your institution

The reason most knowledge bases fail isn’t because of technology – it’s because they don’t have the right content. With Engageware’s custom knowledge base, we write 100+ content items based on data and insights to the questions that banking customers are asking. Content is optimized to be easily found, and also optimized for usability following our 3As methodology (scroll down for more information). But we don’t stop there – we provide ongoing content updates once launched. No work orders, no statements of work – just a service that is included so your customers always have the right answers.

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Our custom knowledge base allows you to answer the questions that banking customers ask without the guesswork

“Anytime a member is seeking information, regardless of the channel, Engageware’s platform ensures they are able to easily and quickly find that information, but then takes this a step further to provide additional information that is relevant, as well as a call to action pointing the member to related tasks that may be of interest.”

American 1 Credit Union

Laura Pryor, Vice President of Member Experience

Answer the questions banking customers are actually asking

With over 20+ years of experience and over a 100M questions answered, we know the questions banking customers are asking. Ensure your customers get the answers they need, when they need it, with the right information to take the next step.

A knowledge base that is constantly improving

Your website and mobile banking are officially the starting point for 70% of your customer interactions. With a team dedicated to producing, analyzing, and updating hundreds of bank and credit union knowledge bases each day we are constantly staying one-step ahead of what your customers are going to ask next.

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The 3As: Answer the question, provide additional info, and make it actionable

A good answer doesn’t just answer the question, it anticipates why they asked it and what they want to do next. Our team of knowledge specialists develop answers that follow our 3As rule – answer the question, provide additional information, and make it actionable.

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great tool for
our members
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Learn how Corporate America Family Credit Union uses Engageware’s Customer Self-Service solution to empower members while reducing hold times and member frustrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Engageware’s Custom Knowledge Base work?

As part of our annual contract, Engageware provides knowledge services that writes all of your customer-facing content. This content is then loaded into Engageware’s Customer Self-Service solution. Our knowledge team creates, loads, and optimizes all content to ensure it follows our 3As methodology:

  • Answer the question: provide a direct answer to the question asked
  • Provide additional information: provide additional information such as images and links to related content
  • Make it actionable: include calls to action that drive the user journey

In addition to the initial 100+ questions that we write, Engageware provides ongoing content maintenance services that includes updates to existing content as well as the creation of new content.

Is Engageware’s knowledge service really included in the annual contract?

Yes, our knowledge service is included in our annual contract. We learned a long time that the only way to ensure success with knowledge management was to ensure the knowledge is properly created and managed. The best technology in the world can’t solve knowledge management alone – it requires a focus on actually managing the knowledge.

Having worked with banks and credit unions for 20+ years we realized that many did not have the internal resources that could be dedicated to managing the knowledge. For the last 10+ years we have offered this service and seen the success it is has had for the 350+ bank and credit union customers.

Does Engageware really write all of the content?

Yes – we really do. We have a team of knowledge experts that only work on customer content. They study data, trends, and customer requests from hundreds of institutions so they know the questions customers are asking, new topics and questions being asked, and how to optimize each answer.