Convert More Inbound Leads with the Appointment Router

The Appointment Router is a new feature to Engageware’s Business Edition (Plus) that makes it easy for customers and prospects to schedule an appointment with representatives in your company – directly from a website, email or online landing page.

Smart Routing Creates more Leads for Sales and Marketing

The Appointment Router’s “Smart-Routing” technology streamlines and accelerates the sales process by replacing traditional “Contact Us” forms with the opportunity for a hot prospect to immediately reserve a time on a representative’s calendar, eliminating the need for following up with and chasing leads.

This new capability also gives marketers an effective way to get marketing campaign respondents into sales meetings by including a “Click to Schedule” call-to-action in email campaigns and on landing pages.

Core Capabilities of the Appointment Router

  • Smart-Routing – Uses configurable assignment rules like state, company size or product interest area to offer instant One-Step Appointment Scheduling to a website visitor.
  • Website Integration – Add “Click To Schedule” capability to a company’s website, blog, or e-mail campaign landing page to create an instant scheduling opportunity for the prospect or customer.
  • Appointment Activity Metrics – Easy to understand reports that give sales and marketing managers a daily, weekly and monthly view of appointment setting activity at the sales rep, sales group and corporate level.

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