You’ve done the research and know your customers are savvier than ever, want personalized attention, and are raising their hand and asking to meet with real people instead of having conversations with chatbots or waiting days to weeks for a response from your contact forms. This is where the addition of a “Schedule-a-Demo” feature on your website and in your marketing campaigns comes in, enabling clients and prospects to schedule at the touch of a button.

Why Scheduling Matters

Research shows that 94% of buyers say they are more likely to buy more from a company when they have a live interaction with a knowledgeable employee, yet 50% of customers report they have a hard time scheduling a meeting with businesses. And that’s true in industries as varied as brick-and-mortar retail to B2B technology providers. Making it easy for customers to instantly book appointments across multiple channels not only gives the customer what they are asking for but in an era where exceptional customer experience is the best way to differentiate your brand and drive sales, it ticks off all the boxes in a cost-efficient way.

Add a “Schedule-a-Demo” Button Across Multiple Channels

It’s easy to embed an appointment scheduling button on your website, marketing emails, and even social channels, connecting customers and inbound leads with the right person, available at the time the customer wants to talk to you. The speedy functionality expedites the booking process and puts the customer in the driver’s seat. Regardless of where the appointment booking originates, the intelligent system is easily customizable to ensure:

  • Customers are connected with the right team member with the right skill set through round robin distribution.
  • Double booking is eliminated by adding appointments directly to the team member’s calendar with real-time calendar sync displaying their accurate availability.
  • Attendance/ show rates on scheduled demo meetings drastically increases when you send confirmation and reminder notifications.

Learn the key questions you should ask when considering an appointment scheduling solution.

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Enable Instant Scheduling Throughout Your Website

Make it easy for anyone to instantly book a demo appointment no matter what page they land on first. Take a look at your site analytics to determine best-performing pages and the pages people find first, and remember, it’s often not your home page. Here are other ways to capture your visitors’ attention.

  • Embed a Schedule-a-Demo button in the header or footer of your website, ensuring all visitors have immediate access at their moment of peak interest.
  • Swap out existing Contact Us forms with a Schedule-a-Demo button. This removes several steps in the process and enables instant scheduling as opposed to waiting for someone to respond to the customer inquiry.
  • Add a Schedule-a-Demo functionality to your website chat service. While chat quickly solves some problems, this method can still be slow for confirming an appointment. The scheduling addition offers an added, instant bonus for both customer support employees and the customer.
  • Provide a prominent Schedule-a-Demo link on key conversion pages. Guiding people to the right pages takes a lot of work and marketing effort, reap the rewards quicker by ensuring they convert instantly, instead of making them navigate to other pages or fill out contact forms.

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