Scheduling appointments can be a hassle on all sides of a business transaction. Isn’t it kind of ironic how much time is wasted trying to determine when both parties will have free time to meet for an appointment? Maybe there would be time for more appointments and meetings if so much time wasn’t wasted trying to find availability. Instead of frantically shuffling through your planner or searching for your calendar while your clients are on hold, wouldn’t it be nice to have an intelligent system that already knows your schedule so clients can make appointments without having to check with you first? That’s where Engageware’s Intelligent online scheduling software comes in.

Intelligent Online Scheduling Systems Simplify Customer Interactions

Finding time for an appointment can be difficult at best for your business and its clients and many potential customers are likely to lose interest during all the hassle. From the client’s perspective, you know what your own availability is and have a good idea of when you would prefer to schedule an appointment. So, calling a business and having to wait on the phone while they try to figure out their availability is quite frustrating.

And what about clients and prospects who are catching up on work outside of business hours and decide they want to book an appointment when your office is closed for the evening? By the time your business and the phone lines open the following day, they may have already lost interest or completely forgotten about your business. People need a way to schedule appointments with businesses after hours because the consumer decision-making process has no time boundaries.

That’s why intelligent online scheduling tools like Engageware are so useful — you punch in your availability ahead of time so your clients can simply visit your website and book appointments based on what the system already knows about your schedule. No back-and-forth phone calls, no confusion. Just simple, online appointment scheduling.

Online Scheduling Tools Accommodate Phone-Shy Millennials

Millennials are notorious for their obsession with smartphones. However, one feature that they hate to use unless absolutely necessary is the “phone call.” Engageware’s online scheduling system eliminates the need for phone calls because your availability is automatically updated as clients fill up your calendar with online scheduling. Many free scheduling apps you find online make steep promises that they are unable to keep — but you can rely on Engageware’s time-tested online scheduling app to deliver the smooth booking your business needs. Intelligent online appointment scheduling is easy to integrate into your customer-facing engagement apps like social media and chat.

Increase Lead Generation

Many free online scheduling tools promise to increase lead generation, but Engageware actually delivers results. With a convenient “book now” button located on your website or other online channels, your prospects are more likely to convert and become clients. Additionally, you are more likely to build a base of returning customers.

Time to Take Control of Your Schedule

If you want to take complete control of your schedule while allowing your clients to have better access to your availability — and all with less hassle on both sides — then you need to learn more about Engageware. Contact us for more information about our proven online scheduling system!

Ready to learn about the many benefits Engageware can deliver for your business? Schedule a Meeting. Engageware Scheduler is available in multiple deployment options to fit your unique business needs.

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