Scheduling appointments has never been easier with Reserve with Google powered by Engageware. Reserve with Google is a direct way of enabling prospects and customers to gain access to immediate appointment bookings. It skips the hassle of scouring a website looking for the phone number to call. Automated phone answering services can be a labyrinth to navigate and left voicemails can go unanswered for days, which can make scheduling an appointment, a hassle. However, Google Appointments from Engageware makes this process simple and straightforward.

How Does Reserve with Google Work with Engageware?

Reserve with Google is a great way to capture interested and warm prospects from an inbound channel and book confirmed appointments right from Google search results. It works seamlessly through Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant for scheduling appointments with Banks, Credit Unions, and Beauty Retailers.

Let’s say an individual is looking for a new bank to apply for a home equity loan. They go on to Google, search “home equity loans near me”, and many results appear. With Google Appointment scheduler powered by Engageware, an option to book an appointment will display along with the website and directions. The user can then press book and immediately schedule from the available time slots. The appointment will then be automatically added to their Google Calendar schedule appointments for them to view while being added directly to the bank representatives calendar the appointment was booked with.

Reserver with Google appointment scheduler search results screen

Canceling and Rescheduling an Appointment

If a user would like to cancel or reschedule an appointment, they booked through Reserve with Google powered by Engageware, they can cancel or reschedule through the link in the Engageware confirmation email. The user may also do so through the Google notification messages. Canceling and rescheduling appointments has never been simpler with Reserve with Google appointment scheduling powered by Engageware.

Saves Time

Reserve with Google powered by Engageware saves substantial time for customers and employees alike. If you are a customer trying to plan an appointment, looking for a company’s website and finding the phone number can be time-consuming. Not only that, getting someone on the phone and confirming the meeting can take even longer. Reserve with Google appointment scheduling will reduce this time significantly. When searching for a business, the ability to book comes up instantly, so there’s no fuss or hassle.

Reliable Client Exchange

Besides saving the customer time, the Google Calendar appointment scheduler powered by Engageware also provides more efficiency for a company’s exchange with clients. Since this method of planning an appointment is so quick and easy, it gives other users the ability to plan at the same time. Instead of waiting on hold on the phone, they can promptly schedule themselves. If a client is waiting on the phone for a while, oftentimes they will hang up. When using Reserve with Google powered by Engageware, that won’t happen. Users can simultaneously interact with a company’s bookings, creating a more positive overall experience for the potential customer and keeping your company in the best light possible.

Makes Your Company More Prominent in Searches

Anyone utilizing Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Assistant is able to use Reserve with Google powered by Engageware. According to Search Engine Journal, Google Search is the #1 most popular search engine in the world. Consequently, the demographic for Google users is incredibly vast, meaning your company is able to reach a huge population of individuals. Currently, Google Calendar appointment scheduling is accessible to banks, credit unions, and beauty retailers located in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

Even though Reserve with Google powered by Engageware is limited to these three regions, the audience remains massive. Awareness and exposure to tremendous amounts of people are extremely beneficial for a business and free appointment scheduling software through Google can help you achieve this.

Since not all companies have this scheduling software, it can give your business the upper hand. If your company is the only one in Google’s results to have a booking button on the search page, then you have an advantage. It entices customers to schedule with your company because of the ease, and it encourages them to look more into your business as well. Simply put, Reserve with Google powered by Engageware gives you an edge over your competitors.

The Overall Benefit

Reserve with Google powered by Engageware provides NOW service for NOW consumers. It makes the planning process a matter of a few clicks and it doesn’t require the user to manually add the appointment to their calendar. Providing a pleasing customer experience is essential for businesses and it encourages clients to return to the place of business.

This scheduling software not only achieves efficiency, but it also maximizes the visibility of your business. Keeping your company evident to the public is crucial and it will benefit you in the long run. If your business has free appointment scheduling software through Google, then it will decrease the chance of individuals selecting a competitor without it. Invest in the success of your company and become a partner with Reserve with Google powered by Engageware. To schedule a demo and see the benefits of Engageware, please schedule a meeting with us today.

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