If you want to connect with your consumers, you need to go to them. In 2019, they are spending more time than ever on social media—2 hours and 16 minutes1 per person, per day across all social apps. And a large chunk of that time is devoted to Facebook where users are scrolling, chatting with friends, and engaging with brands.

To truly capitalize on the platform, use the connections you make with customers and prospects on the social network and turn those virtual touchpoints into personal interactions. One of the most effective ways to do that is to offer online appointments through Facebook at the very moment their interest is piqued. Here’s how.

Create a Facebook business page that fosters engagement

A recent HubSpot analysis of consumer behavior shows that “Facebook is effective at encouraging consumers to communicate with a brand.” But to do so, you’ve got to ensure that you create content for each stage of the buyer’s journey from awareness to consideration and finally decision making. That’s because the platform is where consumers go to look up product information, compare prices, search for deals and promotions, and even use it to connect with other users as part of a brand’s community.

Offer appointments from your Facebook page

However, because Facebook is a stand-alone ecosystem, once you’ve captured someone’s attention, make it easy for them to connect with you via Facebook itself. The HubSpot report also notes that, “pushing people to outside websites or landing pages is not advised.”

That’s why you can’t assume that consumers who are fans on social media spend any time on your website or other online locations where you might offer instant appointments or additional information. Instead, treat the social site like a stand-alone brand portal and embed a “Book Now” button on your Facebook business page, letting consumers book a time that’s convenient for them.

Enable 24/7 Scheduling through Facebook Messenger

In addition to the Book Now Button on the front of your Facebook page, respond quickly to those who contact you and offer appointments via the Messenger app. While it may seem like repetition to have the option in two locations within Facebook—it’s not. A 2018 Facebook-commissioned study2 found that 61 percent of respondents across the globe said messaging was an easy and convenient way to contact a business.

To do so, use the Facebook Response Assistant to create an auto-reply to incoming messages any time of the day. To even further engage with your customers, add the Engageware Click-To-Schedule links within the auto-reply, encouraging customers to book a meeting on the spot.

Benefits of adding a “Book Now” button and Messenger scheduling to Facebook

It’s easy to embed an appointment button on your Facebook business page or in Messenger auto-responses using Engageware. Our Intelligent Online Appointment Scheduling takes the hassle out of bookings. Users are in control and can choose the time and location that works for them. The smart algorithms do the rest, matching customers to the right person at the right location based on employee availability and skill set. The instant scheduling:

  • Ensures an even distribution of appointments for available employees
  • Eliminates double bookings
  • Provides automated appointment reminders or notifications which sharply increases show rates

Ready to get started? Here’s the step-by-step process to add a “Book Now” button onto your Facebook business page.

1 According to the 2019 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite
2 Motivations, Mindsets and Emotional Experiences in Messaging (vs. Feed)” by Sentient Decision Science

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