Here’s How to Facilitate a Meeting That Delivers on a Customer-Centric Promise
In today’s economy, consumers are firmly in the driver’s seat. They expect personalized service and instant gratification, and if they don’t receive it, data shows they’ll choose a competitor. That’s why savvy businesses need to embrace the “Power of Now,” engaging with customers on their timetable via their preferred channels when making appointments or otherwise interacting.

Businesses are seeing great success with Intelligent Appointment Scheduling. However, scheduling the appointment is only the first step in creating flawless interactions. Far too many customers experience a disconnect between the slick, personalized messaging they receive as part of marketing outreach, only to be met in person with long lines, unknowledgeable staff, or ignored altogether.

Don’t let all those marketing dollars spent attracting customers go to waste and start attributing online campaigns to on-site experiences. Here’s how Queue Management Software helps you expertly conduct the entire journey, from initial scheduling to in-person appointment, and subsequent follow-ups. The results are remarkable customer experiences that foster loyalty, increases wallet share for retailers, and increases loan volume and investments for financial institutions.

Welcome customers the right way

Even if you’ve impressed your clients and potential customers with the ability to schedule an appointment in just minutes, will they be just as impressed when they walk in the door? Your employees are your best ambassadors. But if you want them to greet everyone as if they’ve been lifelong customers, they need the knowledge to do so.

Think about how your organization handles the process now. Once an appointment is scheduled, how do your on-site employees handle customers? If your workforce only has access to a static list of upcoming appointments without greater context or customer history, that’s a huge disadvantage. A smart queue management solution like Engageware’s Concierge gives employees the tools they need. They can see schedules in real-time as they shift throughout the day and can also view comments or questions left by the customer when they booked the appointment. This lets you dig deeper into your CRM system for a more accurate customer snapshot and deliver the most personalized solution—whether that’s a loan or a new suite of kitchen appliances.

Queue Manager from Engageware connects all the dots, big and small, to make a big difference in positive outcomes.

Empower employees to manage customer flow and expectations

The dynamic approach offered by Engageware’s suite of Queue Management application help facilitate on-site activity so you can focus on providing exceptional service to each customer, whether they are walk-ins or pre-booked an appointment.

One of the biggest customer complaints is feeling like they’ve entered an information black hole once they walk in the door, where there’s often little understanding about how long they’ll wait. However, a combination of self-service check-in kiosk paired with mobile apps for staff, provide visibility to all.

Engageware’s self-Service Kiosk is an extension of the scheduling application and enables immediate check-in for customers who previously scheduled appointments. Walk-in customers can use the touch screen to check in for pre-scheduled or un-scheduled appointments. Queue Display presents visitors with details on their place in line allowing them to browse your store or run a quick errand without losing their place in line.

Meanwhile, managers can make better resource decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. Staff will better understand their own priorities throughout the day, and with the Concierge Mobile App, can best address customer issues on the spot.

For example, customer-facing employees can check-in clients when they arrive. They can also take proactive measures to address changes as they happen by marking no-shows or transferring appointments to colleagues to adapt to visitor traffic demands and minimize wait times.

Capture the right data to drive continuous improvements

Do you know how many potential customers walk in each day and how many potentially leave without speaking to someone? What is the average wait time, or how many no-shows do you average each week or month? Without the right data it’s impossible to understand baseline activity and make fundamental shifts that impact KPIs, and ultimately lead to better experiences.

A queue management solution that extends your scheduling efforts, provides 360-degree views across the entire lifecycle, from intent and acquisition to key purchases and follow-up activities. You’ll be able to monitor which actions drive the greatest revenues while also understanding customer acquisition costs and adapt to customer and business needs.

Engageware also continues customer engagement after the visit by enabling post-appointment surveys so your team can better understand what’s working and where there’s customer friction.

At the end of the day, when a customer experiences a flawless interaction because intelligent scheduling has done the bulk of heavy lifting, in the words of Jerry Seinfeld, this is when you move from an organization that simply makes appointments, to one that keeps them—and hopefully creates memorable experiences in the process.

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